August Pink Reports

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  1. The Pinks will be sold to China and Russia via US brokers and some will end up at Safeway like previous years.
  2. Had a school come through at BP this evening in the hour or so before the high slack. Lots of fish. Saw one limit. I had 3 hookups with one on the beach. One broke off the tippit (wind knot?), one spit the hook when it hit the gravel. The last one I managed to land. Now for my first smoker experience!
  3. I fished Dash Point at the pier from around 1:30 to 5. Nothing for me. Gear guys did okay, but not great. Didn't seem like a whole lot of fish were coming through...

  4. 0 for 13.... 0 for fucking 13!

    Plus I dropped my friend's still living, but bleeding fish in the water when I was going to clean it... And it swam off.

    I'd like to say I've had trips where I dropped more f bombs... I'd like to say I didn't throw my rod at full force.... But that would make me dishonest.
  5. The money is in the roe, which is predominantly sold overseas to the Asian market. By law the fish from which roe is extracted is required to be kept and sold or otherwise used, but is generally not profitable to do so, so a token amount of fish is left in the hold to arguably show compliance with the law, but the bulk of the fish carcasses are disposed of by dumping.

    The pink salmon run has been historically left off the list of species to be slaughtered until extinction because of their poor table fare. That is now changing. Ditto for Chum.
  6. Hey, it's better than going 0 for 0. Or is it? At least you were out fishing!! Better than sitting in a cubicle, I can't catch anything from here...

    I guess we better enjoy these fish while they are still here and not netted to near extinction yet. Maybe we can raise enough stink before they go the route of the chum?
  7. No pinks are being dumped by any tribe!
    Bottom line, they get a decent price for the Pinks so why would they dump.
    Not sure who your sources are , but they are incorrect.
  8. I have no doubt that if the present market price makes it cost effective that the fish carcasses will be sold instead of dumped, but this has not historically been the case. My source is a captain/owner of a commerical fishing boat with 25+ years experience in Alaska, WA and OR; BTW, please note that neither I nor my source made a distinction between tribal and non-tribal commercial fishermen, just that this was the practice followed by West Coast commercial salmon fishermen. This was as of 2-3 years ago.
  9. MY fault, I was not only referring to Indians but the cowboys as well.

    I have been in the seafood business for 22 years and never heard of anyone dumping salmon because there was no value other than the Skokomish tribe back in the early 2000 and that was chum.
    Everyone who is in the business knows the value of salmon. I have historicals on the ground and market prices for PNW salmon for the past 8 years and if they were commercially fishing, they would know the prices and would never even consider to dump; yes I am still talking about pinks.

    The only moron who would even think that would be one local Captain and he is pretty much a drunk sleez ball and I hope he is not the friend you are referring to.
  10. 2 weeks ago Saar's Marketplace on Pearl in Tacoma had Pink's at $1.59 a pound and they had been well treated. Worked out to about $5 for a whole fish sans head. My sister grabbed a couple which we cooked and ate with appreciation. Unfortunately when I tried to go and get some for the smoker the only thing still there was the sign! Tells me there can be a market for these fish! I just hope they don't become TOO popular!
  11. Pinks are excellent on the table or in the smoker as long as they are taken care of immediately and put on ice. They have a unique flavor different from a King, SIlver, or Sockeye. Each is different but they are all good. I've never eaten Chum so I can't speak to that.
  12. Steve,

    Since I don't have a smoker I thought
    I would try (again) to eat a pink. Hooked
    gutted and on ice within 10 minutes.

    Fillet and soaked in ginger, soy, brown sugar for
    40 minutes. Onto the BBQ cooked well done.

    The taste was ehhhh, metza metza, so-so....
    not my cup of tequila. Tasted better the next day
    when made into salmon burgers and refried with more
    seasoning but still not what I would eat again.

    I've eaten chrome bright chum that tasted
    much better than pinks.

    Differnt strokes for
    fishing folks.

  13. kept my 1st one of the season yesterday. funny how some gear guys are amazed that salmon can be caught with the bug rod.
    also have noticed a fair number of smaller hens showing up now.
  14. man, theres tooo much oil in pinks, taste 100% better after a good 24hr brine soak for 5 lbs of fillet and dry in sunny air for 2 hrs, then brown sugar sprinkle on the smoker with mesquite wood for 2-4 hrs til preferred texture. I like a little dry on top and a tiny bit moist in the middle.
  15. pinks and chum are the least oily salmon
  16. Look Mom, no spots!

  17. Nice Bill!
  18. My policy in regards to eating Pinks. In the salt, no problem BBQ or putting them in the oven, even had people say its some of the best salmon they've eaten. In the river, the smoker they go.
  19. I agree with you that the river based fish is not the best fish. I am sick and tired of smoked salmon.

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