August Pink Reports

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by jwg, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. mtskibum16 Active Member

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    Man, I need to figure out where you live and follow you to your fishing holes :D
  2. Tool Fly Member

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    Sounds like you had it nailed up until overcooking. To each their own, but in my experience a more "medium rare" approach brings out the delicate flavor.
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    You must have started using that sweet balloon knot!
  4. Evan Burck Fudge Dragon

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    That's EXACTLY what it was
  5. Evan Burck Fudge Dragon

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    The spots don't always have everything to do with it... Evan Slater, another buddy, and myself all fished the same spot today. (the other) Evan an I each hooked around the same number. Other buddy hooked exactly 0. All using the same flies, throwing to the same pods of fish. If you don't nail the presentation, things don't always work out so well.
  6. Nick Clayton Active Member

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    I can vouch for this first hand. Last week I was fishing next to Evan and company using the exact same setup as him and everyone else, and was being outfished by a good margin. I was casting to the same fish, with the exact same setup, so I can only assume that Evan had a presentation that was just a bit more preferable to mine. I'd say the little things can make a big difference.
  7. Steve Saville Active Member

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    Photoshop, huh?


    Nice fish.

  8. Evan Burck Fudge Dragon

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    I find that in this time of the run, you see a lot more fish, but find them to be more locked up. I switch up to small flies; size 8-10 (bigger has been working too, but I'm sticking with the smaller ones), lightly weighted, and sparse. I let them get down a bit, then give them a long strip or two to pull them back up. I then let them fall for a few seconds and repeat. The take is almost always on the drop.
  9. Evan Burck Fudge Dragon

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    here's a more zoomed in shot of the fly I'm using:
    (synthetic hair tail, dubbing body, bead chain eyes)
  10. skyrise Active Member

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    for me the lighter color pink is working better this year. agree with the smaller size. just am losing so many though.
    still looking for a strong thin wire hook with a good gap for these guys.
    i have some jig hooks that are so sweet, just cant get that 90 degree bend to go straight. oh well, keep looking.
    have been using the cone head instead of a bead or bead chain. seems to cast better for me and the fish like it also.
  11. Timsan New Member

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    Tried fishing the Puyallup midday, nothing.
    Switched between 3 good flies that I used last pinks run. I'll head back in the morning.

    Anybody having lucky on the Puyallup with flies? I need some ideas for flies to tie up.
  12. ten80 Active Member

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    Gamakatsu baitholder hooks have both the offset point of an octopus hook (stays better than regular, straight shank hooks) and the downturn eye of a jig hook. have worked well for me when tying flies with lead or tungsten dumbell eyes (Size 2,4, and 6) as the point always rides up, reducing snags and lots flies. Caveat is that these hooks will break if your backcast hits a rock a few times. These hooks also tend to hook the fish in the roof of the mouth or the upper lip which results in fewer hook pull-outs.
  13. Evan Burck Fudge Dragon

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    Today, I was using my flies tied on the Allen MP001 hook (though the hook pictured above is a different hook that I was trying out). It's an offset point type hook as well (as opposed to the straight, streamer type hooks on my other flies). This seemed to make a huge difference for me.
  14. Travis Bille Active Member

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    I've been down to the Puyallup twice and have had no luck at all, beer cans and cigarette butts floating down, drunks everywhere, and the river smells like a turd. However, all the gear guys look like they're having so much fun hooking pinks! I need some help too... I've been swinging, dead drifting, stripping.... all for nought.
  15. Ian Broadie Flyfishing is so "Metal"

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    Try something that looks like this, View attachment 43900 it works like a champ for me semi slowly stripped on a floating line and a fairly long leader. All the "fly" consists of is a dumb bell eye, Uni Stretch (pink), and pink flashabou tied over the top of the dumb bell eye (like the top half of a clouser). The hook is a Tiemco 7999 size 8 for the larger fly and the smaller fly is on a Mustad 34007 size 8.

    If that doesn't work try pagan rituals to the salmon spirit :clown:
  16. DennisE Topwater and tying.

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    Pretty much the same at BP. A few were hooked all day long but most were caught before 7AM. I hit the water at just after 7 and left just after 3 (way too long, by the way!) and hooked nada. Talked to a guy anchored up in his pontoon over the eel grass at the point. Water was clear and he was seeing nothing. The day started cloudy/foggy and wound up sunny. I was there through high tide and low tide. No pattern and no results. I guess it's just a matter of being lucky enough to be there when one of the (few) pods goes through.
  17. Travis Bille Active Member

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    Thanks! I'll give it a try! And if pagan rituals don't work, I'll just try some holistic yodeling when I'm on the river