August Pink Reports

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by jwg, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. .... Starting a separate thread on rod weight 'cause I have a question for the collective wisdom of this forum .... but I don't want to highjack this thread which would be cool if it remained a fish report thread. Please look for my new thread and keep the reports coming.
  2. Got my first pink this morning at PNP.

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    Got there around 6:45 and there were already plenty of folks out, but not so many I couldn't get a decent spot. As far as stupidity goes there was plenty but I also saw both sides of the spectrum.

    My favorite was the guy who hooked up about 10 minutes after he got there. As soon as he was sure the fish was hooked, he stopped reeling and just backed up the beach...then literally ran up the beach...dragging it all the way in and hollering.

    His buddy showed up 15 minutes later and also quickly hooked up. His instructions to his pal were: "I'm tellin' ya man just run backwards!" He almost fell down.

    Conversely, for most of the morning I was next to a gear guy who actually asked if I had enough room for casting. He also was kind enough to snap the photo for me as I landed and released my fish.

    He hooked a really, really nice one shortly thereafter. Played it properly, not too long. Got it close to the beach and was about to land it when the hook slipped free. Obviously he using a barbless hook. I told him I felt his pain, and he responded, "I'll just pretend it was a wild king and I had to let it go."

    Refreshing to hear that from him. He obviously knew the regs, was using proper form, and was a generally really cool guy.

    So you'll get all types.

    I'm on Vashon tomorrow for a band rehearsal. We'll see what I can pull over there.
  3. ten80

    ten80 Active Member

    Went 2/3 off an area 8-2 beach tonight on the falling tide. Small school moved through after high tide.
  4. JayB

    JayB Active Member

    Few sparse schools of pinks moving through DPSP after 5:00 - seemed like I might have just missed the tail end of a pretty decent pulse of fish. No fish for me.
  5. Steve Saville

    Steve Saville Active Member

    Was out yesterday in my boat and saw plenty of madness, as usual, but it seemed to me that the fish play better from a boat as they have some deeper water to make runs. They're wiley as well. One rather large one wrapped himself around the anchor rope no less than five times. Too bad we didn't have a camera man as it would have made a great video of the two of us lifting the rope and threading a nine foot rod in and out. As for the fish he met his demise at the hands of a skilled angler and friend. It must have looked really comical from the beach. We had a very good day and I may stay off the beach for a while as the madness seems to get worse every single day. There were police cars and flashing lights in the parking lot at Dash Pt. but I don't know why.
  6. 1fishkeeper

    1fishkeeper New Member

    Well I went out there for for a about a hour and half this morning. I think I seen 7 fish caught from the pier and the beach. The fly guys didnt have any luck.
  7. Matthew Gulbranson

    Matthew Gulbranson Resident Swinger

    I've heard reports of lots of fish still being caught from Neah Bay to Swiftsure, so it looks like we still have a good two/three weeks of pinks.

    As for a report, I went one for two on Sunday evening after sunset on a N. Sound beach, but was the only one that hooked anything. I'll be heading to Whidbey this weekend for a family wedding and hope to make it out for a few minutes. I hope I'll be able to find some fish.
  8. 8/10 Dash Point Report

    Fished from 5:00am to 8:00 AM way down beach from the dock

    Lots of gear guys, the usual madness at 6:00AM. (if you have been there at 6:00 ... you know what I mean)

    Sloooooooooowwwwwwww fishing this morning

    Yesterday I saw well over 30 hook ups from 10 rods near me in the 3 hours I fished. Today I saw only 7 hook ups from 10 rods in the same 3 hour period. Maybe it will pick up later.

    I had one SDR, so not a total shut out.
  9. jfogliani

    jfogliani New Member

    Fished a north sound beach this morning, PNP, on the incoming tide - I was on the only one there and no one missed out on anything. Absolutely dead. I didn't even see any fish moving in the area. There were about a dozen boats in the water out pretty far. Is anyone else fishing the north sound beaches with any luck?
  10. PT

    PT Physhicist

    Why fish for pinks when there's still Kings swimming thru?

  11. salt dog

    salt dog card shark

    If you're referring to Picnic Point, as opposed to Point No Point as a North Sound beach (I've seen them both abreviated at PnP??), then I can tell you most years Snohomish County beaches are about 2 weeks behind the west side of the sound. You will get one here or there, but the peak of the run headed for Snohomish River is 2 weeks behind the other side of the Puget Sound.
  12. jfogliani

    jfogliani New Member

    Thanks for the reply Salt Dog - I am referring to Picnic Point and I will be more clear in my next post. A couple weeks behind - got it - thanks. I keep working on some of the north sound beaches and post results.
  13. Matthew Kaphan

    Matthew Kaphan Active Member

    I was at Dash this morning as well. Myself and another fly guy hooked and landed 1 each, but overall it looked pretty slow out there.

  14. Arthur Vakulchik

    Arthur Vakulchik Young Gun

    Great reports guys! I myself havn't been out in quite sometime, but hopefully I'll finally go buy my license and dust off the old fly rods in hope of some good fishing reports. I think ill start with Picnic Point and maybe head down to Dash Point if it starts picking up.
    Keep up the good work everybody and tightlines!

  15. Evan Burck

    Evan Burck Fudge Dragon

    Start with dash, then picnic. The south sound pinks are a couple weeks ahead of the north sound.
  16. Arthur Vakulchik

    Arthur Vakulchik Young Gun

    Ya, North Sound is usually slower during early season, but its only like a 10min from my house. So if i do go down there its mainly just to get back into casting a fly rod. But thanks for the help.
  17. salt dog

    salt dog card shark

    I expect them to start showing up any day now, and another 10 days - 2 weeks before the peak of the run.
  18. FlyfishDan

    FlyfishDan New Member

    Went out to Dash point this morning to see what all the fuss was about--there weren't a ton of fish being caught and I did see a few schools swimming in the shallows from my boat. I did manage to land a nice Pink using my 6wt with sink tip + pink Bjorn Prawn pattern (The FlyFisher, Olympia WA). I cast at a passing school and BAM! Two other flyfishers in a Boston Whaler caught a few during the brief frenzy. Going to BBQ it up tonight!
  19. Scott Behn

    Scott Behn Active Member

    My buddie and I hit Picnic Pt. this morn as well, I thought they opened the gates at 0630 (I was wrong) so we sat for about a half hour, but the only thing I caught was a small flounder. Still early for up here, but was nice to be out there. 6 gear guys left within an hour of all of us going thru the gate, we stayed till about 830ish or so and us 2 and 1 other fly guy was all that was left...
  20. ibn

    ibn Moderator Staff Member

    First real shot at pinks today for me this season, I launched at Redondo in MA11 around 2pm, and finished until 7pm. I landed around 15 fish and hooked probably 10-12 more. Caught fish right at Redondo, Dumas Bay, Dash Point, Browns Point, Commencement bay, and at the entrance of Quartermaster Harbor on Vashon. I used just 1 small pink shock and awe all day, 6wt with a clear outbound line. The highlight of the day was making 150$ towing some nice boater and his wife + family to their house on Vashon after finding them broken down. I didn't expect any money out of it, just some good boating karma, but as I shook the guys hand he slipped me a wad of cash. That should cover boat gas for a few days.

    Plenty of fish around right now in MA11. Having a boat helps, the beaches looked like a zoo.