August Pink Reports

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by jwg, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. Mr. A, good karma is yours, regardless. Great report.
  2. Nice!

    You both came out a head for your good deed. He new damn well he saved a crap load for boat-tow fees.:thumb:
  3. Good to see some #s showing.
  4. Fished Lincoln Park this afternoon on the incoming tide for about two hours right up to high tide with the buzz hoard and had one smolt to hand...maybe 4 inches? Didn't get a chance to snap a pic as he seemed pretty fragile. That was all the action I saw. My first time mixing it up on the beach with the least I could wade out and pretend I was by myself...oh and all those KerrrPLUNKs I saw/heard on either side? I just imagined they were fish jumping. ;) Ahhh was a magical day.
  5. Wow, how awesome is that!

    I was with urbnfly and agentmontana this week at Neah Bay (great time, by the way!), and we just set up to fish a point east of Tatoosh, when a boat comes up to us and asks for a tow back to Neah Bay because they were low on gas. We gritted our teeth and debated it, then urbnfly towed them in. The guy three a baggie of 9 crappie jigs (no kidding!) to us as we untied him in Neah, and didn't even say thanks. The wind kicked up not long after that, and we didn't get back out for the afternoon.

    So, good for you!
  6. Area 11 was a bit slower this morning. Didn't see any action between 5:30am and about 8am. Then we had about 20-30mins of absolute mayhem, then it went back to being dead again. I was netting my buddy's fish while I was fighting mine, then netting my own, just stackin em up!
  7. I caught my first ever pink on a fly this morning at L.P. It was even on a fly a tied last night which validated my novice tying abilities. Luckily, there was a lot of good fly advice here on the forum. :thumb:
    Perhaps the coolest thing was that it was on my first cast. It must have been a pretty funny sight for all the buzz-bombers. Here I am walking past 30 guys all decked out in my waders, chest pack, stripping basket, etc. compared to their jeans and hoodies. I had my rod all rigged up ready to go, so when I found a suitable spot for a backcast, I stripped out some line and made a weak 20 yard cast - then 'Bam! Pink On. After a couple good runs, I had him on the beach within a minute. I turn and look at all the bombers who are just staring like I knew what the hell I was doing. It was pretty funny.

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  8. Waaaay to go Ralphie! Nothing like a slatwater salmon on a fly youtied yourself! Haha I know how you feel. Occassionally up on the Carbon I'll be slaying them with a fly and the gear guys are all WTF? I've even had a few say that they might have to try flyfishing. I usually keep a few extra flies on hand to pass out to kids and potential gear converts :)
  9. 3 for 4 this morning from first light until about 8:30 at a popular area 11 beach. Overall fishing was pretty slow though, only 5-6 other fish caught by everyone else on the beach and nearby boats...and there were a lot of people...
  10. Nothin doing at PNP this morning. Fished from about 5:30-8 am. Didn't see any fish hooked other than a handful of shakers. Quite a few fly guys today. Nice to meet you Jeff. Probably be back out in the AM.
  11. I went out this morning about 6:30 with my brother-in-law. We cranked up the Whaler and headed for our beach in Dash Point. He got one right off the bat and then I hammered them for the balance of the morning until we pulled the hook at about 11:00. There were lots of fish being caught from the beach near the state park. The fish were in close this morning; not quite as hefty as the earlier fish I've caught but still pretty good size. I've got fillets in the brine right now.
  12. I also noticed the fish today being not as big or feisty. The biggest we got was about 6lbs, not terrible, but the average today was smaller. Also didn't get any of the epic battles I saw my last few trips.
  13. fished Mukilteo this morn. down right dead. no boats up this way. all boats down south.
    too bad, wind was light not much salad floating by. tide was running just right, my casting was great but no fish to take notice. oh well. some reports of fish already in the Snoho.
    thats up next.
  14. Don't you hate it when your casting like a pro and there are no fish around to appreciate it? On the flip side, why is it I always wait for lots of fish to start showing themselves before I start flubbing every other cast???? Frustrating.
  15. good meeting you nick,right after you left i caught 4/5 lb. coho with a little help from our fly fishing brethren ................
  16. That's awesome Jeff! Way to go! That'll make it a bit easier to get out of bed and buzz over there in the morning.
  17. Hey Jeff, I was the guy that did not have a net. Anyway, great job out there. I forgot to ask you though, did that fish have an orange clouser in his lip? because I want that lucky fly back.
  18. Too cool. Nice looking fly
  19. It will be tough for you to top that silky smooth performance. Think you can pull that off at this year's Hoh Down?
  20. Long time lurker first time poster... Just curious to know what weight rod is suitable to fish for pinks?

    Thanks Dan

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