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  1. I can't make much of a contribution with Steelhead as we don't have any here in Oz, but I can share the sort of fishing we get up to with you guys.

    This is Fraser Island on the East coast of Queensland.
    It's the best fishing on the east side of Australia.
    The photos are from 2or 3 trips done over several years.

    Mac Tuna hitting baitfish on the surface - Fraser Island.

    Mac tuna in the boat with Morsie and Bargy.

    An Average size mac tuna - these things go hard.


    Craig's Flies for when the bastards are fussy.

    Bargy scanning The flats on the north side of Fraser Island.
  2. [​IMG]
    Longtail tuna busting up with the birds. Fraser Island.

    What they're eating.

    My first Tuna - a good long tail - sight fished in about 3 feet of water.

    Rough seas forced us off the ocean so we went after Barramundi
    below one of the local dams.
    Morsie with a good one.

    Morsie with a very nice Barra - the red in it is reflected off my kick boat.
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  3. [​IMG]
    Some fish following a large Ray.

    A hook-up hopefully a Cobia !

    Searching for single long tail Tuna at Pace - life is good.

    Bargy and A good long tail.

    A lot of Mackerel on the chew.

    Mackerel - say bye bye to a lot of flies chasing these things.
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  4. Thanks for sharing. I hope to get back to down under again. It is a wonderful place. Never been to Queensland though, only Victoria and an hour in the Sydney airport.
  5. Great pix and a great report. Thanks David!
  6. I'm always curious and interested in fly fishing outside of the US. Thanks for posting. Looks like great fishing and those are big fish - which have got to be a lot of fun on a fly rod.
  7. Great stuff! My wife's rellies used to own Hervey Bay resort up that way. Tuna in the shallows...the very concept is awesome.
  8. Sight fishing for the longtails is very cool.
    At certain times of the year you find them up to 25Kg's as singles or in pairs slowly cruising the flats along the north shore of the island.
    You blast along in the boat till (if;)) you find them and then do your best to line up a shot before they piss off.
    That was my first time after them, I had very little experience in saltwater and didn't really know what I was in for.
    The guide, Bargy and my friend Mark are both very seasoned salties and found the fish for me and were full of good advice.
    All you hear about them is how fussy they are, and how hard they run.
    Lots of stories of busted rods, smoking reels and getting spooled - made this old troutie quite nervous..:eek:
    Anyway, I got a cast in from of the fish no problem and it turned slightly and slowly sucked down the white Clouser like a big brown trout.
    I struck him and he just sorta wiggled his head and carried on slowly cruising.
    Not quite the burring 300 meter first run I was expecting.
    I made a comment about it and then turned back to the guys to ask what was up and they were both laughing at me - I was starting to think I had been set-up - and then the fish bolted.
    Wow can tuna boogie. :D
  9. Great story! Sounds like a lot of fun.
  10. Thanks for the great photos and stories! It's been a while since I was on Fraser and I loved every minute. Looks like next time I'll have to bring a rod!

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