NFR Auto advice needed. ASAP

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by jeff bandy, Nov 15, 2012.

  1. So I'm getting ready to head down to the Klick. for a week. Leaving on Sunday. Yesterday my heat exchanger springs a leak. So I take it into the shop hoping they can get it fixed for me. Well they are letting me down. They say it will take 8.5 hours to replace and they are booked for Saturday so they would only have tomorrow to work on it. No way they can get it done in one day so it would have to set tell Monday.:( They had it all day today but could only waste my time spending it doing a diagnostic on what I already told them was wrong.

    I have a few options here;
    A. I could let them have at it and postpone tell Tuesday. (OVER MY DEAD BODY)
    B. I could drive my P.O.S. Nissan pu. with it's ONE wheel drive.( NO traction on the snow or ice) Speedo. that barely works and is like sitting in a go-cart with the steering wheel between your knees.
    C. Someone on this board could tell me of a shop that is willing to GET IT DONE by Saturday night.

    I really hate driving the P.O.S. all that way. Plus it will probably be icy in the canyon in the mornings.
  2. Is public transit an option?
  3. Why don't you get on a bus from Spokane and meet me there. "There" being up and down the river every day for a week.
  4. My guess if it's that big a PITA you have two options...go cart with weight in the back or a rental car. If the job is that time consuming, I would think few good shops would have that big a hole in the schedule on such short notice. What make and model needs repairs?
  5. East side auto care in Redmond. Dave is by far the best mechanic I have ever dealt with. Give him a call to see if he can pull it off.
  6. 98 Cherokee
  7. When you say heat exchanger are you talking about your heater core? If so back in my younger years I was forced to loop the heater hose back to each other and buy a 12V electric heater.
  8. Go buy a F150 tomorrow and don't look back.
  9. As long as your legs are that would only be 40 steps right?
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  10. very good shop
  11. bummer! Hope you get it fixed and good luck on the Klick.
  12. Heater cores aren't so bad to do. They are time consuming, and usually are only the connections that are leaking and not the actual core. I had my core replaced twice by shops. After I decided to just bite the bullet and learn how to do it myself, I lwas shocked to learn that it was the O-ring leaking after every 6 years.. and that cost 15 cents.. (95 Toyota 4wd pickup) The last time it popped I just brazed it in place and I doubt it will ever leak again.
  13. This.. If it is the heater core you are talking about (never heard of a heat exchanger) just pull the two hoses free where they enter the firewall and join em together with an elbow. Of course you wont have heat and you'll have to blow AC to defrost your windows but it will get you back on the road for the weekend. Drove a Passat that way for almost two years. You can buy a 12v heater that sits on your dash at walmart for under $20.

    Other option is look on craigslist under automotive services. Lot's of talented out of work mechanics looking for a job..
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  14. Depending on the leak, Alumaseal might do the trick. Works better on drips than squirts. Otherwise you can short circuit the beast as others said.
  15. I found your problem.
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  16. Sounds like a bad situation Jeff. My favorite mechanic is Apex Auto in Georgetown. It's a small shop, and very popular, but if you call with your problem they might fit you in.
  17. By the way, I've recently rented several cars for under $20 a day.
  18. I recommend Price Brothers in Totem Lake. Doug Price is the owner and is as honest and upfront as they come. Give him a call. It doesn't hurt to ask about the turn around time, although they do get pretty busy at times.

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