Auto Break-ins!

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Jay Burman, Feb 9, 2008.

  1. I noticed last fall that a well had been put in about 100 yds west of the outhouse at Lenice. If someone is planning to build a home there it might help the problem.
  2. Still keep thinking an old beater car or small truck with nothing worth stealing might be the ticket. Don't leave anything in it and leave it unlocked. Put some sort of lock on the hood so they can't get into the engine compartment and leave you stranded.

    Lived in the SF bay area for several years. We had our apartment broken into twice and my buddies girlfriends Honda was broken into several times. Always wanted to have a station wagon or truck and hide in the back and give a little suprise. :thumb: But when you are dealing with a meth head with nothing to loose, not sure anthing but bad would come of it. Get someone high with a gun and you might get shot and even if you shot someone and they figured out what you were doing LEO or their lawyer will be holding you accountable. Nice legal system that protects the guilty, the inncoent not so sure?
  3. That's a pretty good idea. Making thieves aware that their nefarious deeds are being recorded must have some deterrent effect. I think very visible cameras mounted atop the telephone poles in the parking area would be very difficult to disable and would certainly make a thief who wants to remain anonymous think twice. Also, posting signs warning of the gravity and consequenses of auto burlary would alert theives that they face prosecution. Posting the signs in both english and spanish with the police dept logo would also help. I don't want to just give up on Lenice she's just too pretty. Another idea would be to move the parking area closer to the lake so our cars aren't so isolated.
  4. Problem solved!!! Never leave your car!!! :thumb:
  5. Someone should put up signs that there are cameras, they might be just as good as if their really were cameras. That or a bait car with an exploding window, kinda like those expoding golf balls but with neon orange paint. Hell, buy a damn tiger and keep him in the car.
    I could go on but I don't want your heads to explode from all this genius.
  6. bear traps...
  7. Absolutely.

    The problem is, the state officers on the ground will go through the motions to appease those watching. But in the end, it costs the state to incarcerate these - mostly transient illegal hispanics - and there are tens of thousands of them in eastern washington. I say an officer write a hispanic up for taking a stringer of trout out of Nunnally. But later talked to some folks I know and they said the hispanics just ignore the citations. The state will not pursue it as they have no real property to put as lien against the fee of the citation. If you put them in jail, the state has to pay the cost. And so the courts just turn a blind eye to it. The write tickets to appease you the fishermen but the culprits are back out there the next week fishing or breaking into vehicles.

    The answer, a real outcry to the state legislators, write tickets to the agricultural companies (or any other company) that hire transients. Like they are doing in Arizona. Take their business licenses away on the second offense. Shut these unethical businesses down. Sure they get cheap labor, but the costs are those we are experiencing here, gangs to rural america and importing crime from Mexico, and these poeple spending their money not here but siphoneing it off and sending it back to family in Mexico. And when they need medical help, they again leech off our system. All the way around it is bad for America and the agricultural companies only care about their one benifit of cheap labor and let everyone else absorb the costs of these criminals being here.

    So pick up the phone. Demand a change. Join the groups fighting to stop illegal immigration.

  8. I cannot believe the ignorance. Such cameras would become targets to plinkers with a 22 rifle. It is Fish and Game land we are talking about. Guns are ok down there. They can be diabled very easily and at great cost to the state. Such a program would never fly. As for prosecution, read my previous post. They are hispanics with no real property or money. The state will no incarcerate them as it is to costly to the state.
  9. God forbid. There their goes the wild quality of the experience down there.

    Start a real force and punish the businesses that bring these hispanics to our area. That is the only thing that will work.
  10. The camera has it's place; it is not necessary to have a camera installed in every location to provide deterrent. It is a common practice to set up camera weather-proof (vandal-proof?) housings with the cameras being moved about discretely. This is utilized in the US on school buses, if traveling in the UK, one shall see bright yellow boxes along the roadside, they may or not have a camera within. If caught violating posted limits, one may expect a ticket in the mail, certainly helps to low one down.

    Cameras could be an excellent project for fishing clubs.

  11. The car thing is genius...but i dont think there is a way to keep meth heads at bay....they are pretty intimidating people when they show up.
  12. How about having a programable alarm instead of the annoying ones that no one pays any attention to. Such as hearing the distinct sound of a shell being chambered and then having Clint say "I know what your tinking is it 5 or is it 6" . John Wayne would be another good one. Any other ideas?
  13. about 8 years ago, i was coyote hunting accross the road from lenice. while walking back in full camo with an sks, i heard a car engine heading down the short road i was on so i took cover within sight of my truck, maybe 30 yards or so to watch. a beat up mustang with two transient type mexicans, pulled up to my truck, they looked inside it abit and spoke for abit and left. the whole time i'm locked and loaded only 30 yards from them. i'm glad they didn't give me a reason to act.

    what i did learn is as mentioned above, leave nothing in your car to steal and you won't be bothered.

    I might mention, it may be possible as an organization to hire off duty officers to stake the place out. could maybe plan a group outing on a weekday, as bait. this is a common practice, and may be possible.
  14. the towns right around those lakes are basically mexico. i say instead of having the cameras in the open you just conceal them in some bushes or in a hole in a fence post. then you have your signs telling everyone they are being watched in both english and spanish. then maybe you bait the area with a decent looking car with some more expensive looking stuff inside. i think if you bait the car with electronics, take the acctual electronics out and place a gps tracking device in it. maybe also some sort of paint fogger planted on the mirrors so that if the window breaks, the person doing it will get painted.
  15. I've always had the theory that alot of the breakins were actually kids rather than hispanics, with the hispanics getting the blame. I have no real data to back this up its just that prior to school getting out there seem to be fewer problems of this sort compared to after school gets out, I know there could be other reasons this is the case (more people around prior is one) and I know most of the poaching I've seen has been by hispanic people but this trend to blame everything on the hispanics really sucks, with the percentage of the population being higher sure theres going to be more criminals of that race its the same everywhere from the inner city to the most remote towns in alaska, every culture has criminals and in our country there is a long history of blaming everything wrong on the newest members, our country is made up of immigrants, 100%, its the mix that makes us great, get used to it, post the racist crap somewhere else and try to come up with some viable solutions to the problem that this post started with. I know this is just asking to be flamed but you know what tough shit this is my opinion.
  16. I would like to be the first to apologize. While i did see them with my own eyes, it was prior to my lazer surgery, and the gentlemen in "my case" may have just had a tan.
  17. rig up conibear 330 on the windows... that'd work great...
  18. Cameras don't work. Most meth heads wear hoodies for a reason. We installed cameras at one of our equipment yards and got some great video of 2 guys with hoodies over thier heads ripping us off. Cops looked at the videos and said it could be anyone. Now we have dogs. Haven't been hit once since the dogs were installed.
  19. I often thought mounting a camera inside your car with a sticker on the window that says, "Warning to theives: if you are reading this, then your picture has already been emailed to my computer at home."
  20. Maybe an alarm system that would text your phone or just a short range signal to a two way radio. Then you could run back and shoot them in the legs.

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