Auto Break-ins!

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Jay Burman, Feb 9, 2008.

  1. Get an old mean dog.

    Feed him lots of raw meats to:

    Befriend him.

    Leave him in your car.

    In the summer, leave a cooler of ice for him in the back seat.
  2. When I was a kid, there was a guy who was hunting with a falcon there. That'd be a cool guard animal. When a thief comes and starts breaking in a car, the falcon could swoop down and pluck the guy's eyeballs out. We'd have to agree on some code word for the falcon so that it wouldn't use it's large talons on us.

  3. better yet, when the alarm goes off, have some sort of cable shoot out of the bottom of the car and wrap around their feet and lock them to your car so when you come back, the police can get them.
  4. How about Vasquez, from "Aliens", yelling "Let's rock!!" and then the amplified sound of pulse rifles. You could follow the fecal matter trails back to the parking location of the getaway car. ;o)
  5. Your absolutely right. In Wenatchee, next November I think there will be a concerted movement to remove local judges that think Illegals should get a pass on fish and wildlife laws. That might catch the attention of the judges.

    Elections.....ask every politician their stance on illegals!!! They will get the message. Unfortunately, looks like we have three amenesty candidates for President. This makes local and state offices even more important in the November election.
  6. I think goin' huntin would be more fun than fishin' at this point.

    I had some stuff stolen out of my truck years ago and so I spent the next night in the back with a rifle. Now with a cell phone you could call the police while you hold them hostage or shoot them if they try to escape. I am sick and tired of the victims being considered the law breakers. In fact you could gather some cell numbers from other folks at the site and even the score a bit.

  7. I've seen him.

  8. I definitely feel like a sting is in order. It is not fair that we all have to worry about theft at pretty much all of our favorite fishing spots. It is so frustrating that the police don't see this as a high enough priority issue to even look into most of these incidents. I believe that a group of guys from this board (I would be happy to be one of them) should find out from officials what we can do as far as taking law enforcement into our own hands without incriminating ourselves.
  9. There's probably nothing you can do except to not leave anything in your rig. So you have a sting and catch a thief? Judge and/or jury would probably let him go on some minor technicality.

    Eventually some twisted individual who read too many super hero comic books and in his youth will invent for himself a superhero persona, and indulge his fantasies by going after these parking lot scum.
    When the cops start finding these car jackers in parking lots hog-tied and beaten close to death, Thumbs cut off, and with the words "scumbag thief" stenciled on their foreheads in dayglow chartreuse, maybe they'll get with the program a little better. Where the #$@% is Spiderman's evil twin when we need him?
  10. I responded to a similar post recently and thought worth repeating.
    My car has been broken into three times the past few years. Had lots of nice shi** I worked very hard for stolen. Little if any response from law enforcement. (I live on the east side)So I started becoming more proactive. I started a neighborhood watch in my rural area and we have a meeting a few times a year. This has helped keep the tweakers and other trash out of our area.

    When I go fishing now on the Yak or other east side lakes, rivers I drive around the area for a few minutes then sit in my car for 10-20 minutes before I start. If I see anyone who looks like they don't belong I drive up to them and a question like "How's the fishing?" Just to get a response. You can usually tell when they are in the area to break into cars cause trouble. Then I say something like"You know there are a lot of break-ins in the area and I am writing down all license plates and am taking photos to help out"
    They usually leave the area. They don't like it when people pay attention to them.( I have 18 years in law enforcement plus military so I deal with them every day and know how they think)
    I additionally do this when i see people poaching fish. I just say to them I called the warden, sheriff and they will arrive soon and pretend I am taking their photo with my cell phone and say I emailing by my phone to sheriff warden. This works too.
    Not advocating this for everybody and maybe I am just stupid doing this but seems to work. Obviously if they become really agitated, threatening just leave.
    Just my two cents
  11. Sounds sound and effective (and legal) to me. thanks.
  12. Shotgun and a shovel...
  13. Im new to the site and im glad this is being discussed. Having to worry about out gear being stolen almost takes the fun out of the trip. I never leave anything of value in my truck for them to steal, but knowing tweakers they would take the rearview mirror. Last year i arrived at a boat launch to find a panicked fellow fly fisher. Two sage outfits were stolen from his truck that was in full view from the small lake we were fishing. I think it is up to us to police the areas we fish and not to be afraid to confront and/or report these sh*t bags that lurk around launches. I will be damned if some speed freak is going to swipe my gear and if i ever catch one i will gut shoot his ass.
  14. Don't store anything of value within sight of the windows. That's why they break in and steal because it looks valuable. Most of the break-ins in our area, according to police are by "illegals" seeking to make a fast buck. I had my golf clubs stolen a few years back, I had left them in the back of my SUV. Good thing about that was I got a new set of clubs, my wife felt sorry for me. But you sure feel violated when that happens.

  15. so if the problem of break ins at lenice and nunnally hasn't happened for a while, wouldn't setting up a sting be pretty pointless and most likely fruitless?
  16. Hopefull the person has overdosed on meth by now. Sucks to feel the temptation to not bring good wine, computer and tying supplies! I'm still leaving my shitty tent set up all day.

    Anyone planning on camping out there for period of time in coming weeks? I am getting off my crutches and getting stoked to get my cast on. Probably be by myself and need some evening drinking partners! ptyd

    I remember this always being a problem in Squamish, BC for climbers. I never brought much with me and hid the rest in the woods and boulders. Once I was sleeping on wall and woke up to an alarm. My truck was being broken into... I got to watch the whole thing and yell at them. HAHAHA

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