Awsome night!

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by 10incher, Sep 5, 2013.

  1. 10incher

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    I was at Ebey's Landing. The fishing hasn't exactly been hot but some silvers are being taken. Despite my bursitis I wanted to fish the fly rod tonight because the wind was down. As it often is in front of a storm. I was casting well, for me anyway. The sunset was magnificent. Casting a pink and coral glow on the slack tide so the ocean shimmered in animated, cartoon like colors and lighting the nearby silver lined clouds on fire. Then a wide, rolling orange and black thunderhead started moving in from the east. It was so different from the sunset it was like looking at two different skies just by turning around. Just before the sun was down a rainbow appeared that sliced right through the thunderhead. The panorama of the sky was as colorful and dynamic as I have ever seen.

    The lightning started about the time the sun went down. I continued casting my chartreuse streamer while watching jagged shards of electricity strike the peninsula as twilight slowly drained the colors from the sky. The lightning started closing in. Behind me now. Then in front of me again. The rain started. I decided to be safe and call it a night. One last cast... And I caught my first silver on a fly rod.
  2. You're more brave than I, glad it resulted in a fish! I generally tuck tail and head in when the lightning sets in.
  3. Old Man

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    A graphite fly rod is a wonderful lightening rod. When the lightening shows up I fold it all up and head for my truck. Don't want to help fate.
  4. 10incher

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    I agree. That's why I was going to head out. But you know that "one last cast" thing that all fishermen do. I've never before caught a fish on my "last cast" but it's still a ritual. If I haven't been catching I need to tell myself "This is my last cast" or I'm not done. Since it has never happened for me before, actually catching a fish on my last cast was a real surprise. One of those things that you always hope for but never happens. And that's what fishing has always been for me. A perpetual series of opportunities to hope.
  5. triploidjunkie

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    Everytime I get one on my "last cast", I end up throwing a few more"last casts". It's a syndrome.
  6. Alex MacDonald

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    it really went to town here last night! Unfortunately, our older Golden doesn't like the lightning, so every time it would flash, she'd bark. She has an especially loud bark right after midnight....:eek:
  7. 10incher

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    It's always a heartbreak when you see your dog scared and uneasy when there's nothing you can do about it. It's also hard to remain sympathetic after midnight. Poor poochy.
  8. Alex MacDonald

    Alex MacDonald Dr. of Doomology

    They're my girls, so "dad" needs to bring an 85lb dog up on the bed and snuggle with her. Strange, though: she's got absolutely NO problems around gunshots!
  9. KerryS

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    My newf, who is the biggest ninnie in the dawg world, sits in the middle of the yard during lightning storms and barks at the sky when the thunder goes off as if to say "hey, knock it off." Gun shots, he hides behind me. Scared to death of fireworks but lightning seems to piss him off.