B.B. King Snake

Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by Pat Lat, Dec 2, 2012.

  1. Mark Mercer

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    You're probably thinking of when DryFlyLarry caught a cutt with the 8" - 10" garder snake in it's throat. We were fishing a well known lake when Larry yelled at me and said there was something strange in this big cutt's throat, maybe a big leech or something, I kicked over and took a look, I then pulled the snake out and we were both kind of surprised. I've seen bass come up and grab snakes but not a trout, but then again cutt's are pretty opportunistic and it probably happens more than we realize, or at least whenever the opportunity presents itself. Cool idea about snake patterns but I don't know how productive they would be.
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  2. Pat Lat

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    well then I guess someone should probably try them then:), now Im not saying this is my new go to pattern, but I will keep a few in the box just in case.
    Awesome to know the whole story as I was late to the swap, thanks mark
  3. cabezon

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    Very nice pattern. I was thinking more about adapting it as an eel pattern for the next time I fish for stripers along the east coast. Live eels are a major prey (and bait) and this could be a great pattern for that fishery.

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  4. kelvin

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    the one I tied larry was based on a eel pattern for strippers
    I have caught cuts on it here in the salt (on a smaller version)
  5. Ryan Higgins

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