Baby wooly buggers?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Josh, Jun 20, 2007.

  1. Josh dead in the water

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    Not sure if I should have put this in the "tying" section or not...

    Does anyone make or use smaller size (12-16) woolly buggers? I know I'm not the greatest at casting. But I find it almost impossible to cast a smallest "standard size" 10 bugger with anything less than my 5wt. And even then, it's still a little weird if I add on any shot or am using a bead head bugger.

    I'd like to take advantage of the sweet-sweet goodness of the woolly bugger in some of the deeper slow pools that I encounter on some small creeks. But I'm either going about it all wrong, or I need smaller versions of the bugger, or I need to give up and fish my 5wt (or larger) when I want to fish the bugger.

    I'm not much of a fly tier, nor am I interested in being one at this point (time is short in my life). But even I could come up with a few 12-16 woolly buggers if I had to.
  2. Kent Lufkin Remember when you could remember everything?

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    As I write this I'm into my third glass of wine and about halfway through my second night of dumping out the contents of a couple dozen trout fly boxes on the dining room table and trying to reorganize them into a better system.

    I'm looking at a pile of wooly buggers from size 6 down to about 14 with most in the 10-12 range. I don't usually start a day on the water with one, but there are times when only a bugger will produce. I cast them on rods as light as 3wt. The real challenge to tying them in smaller sizes is finding hackle fine enough so that the fly is proportional. 14s are the smallest size I tie.

  3. Panhandle Active Member

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    Thanks to another dude form this form (FishtoLive) I have been using smaller buggers...... much smaller. The results have been enlightening and very rewarding. Dead drift/Swing appears to be the key here. Very fun tactic. My yuk bug is getting lonely.:eek:
  4. obiwankanobi Active Member

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    So I don't get why these are hard to cast. Not trying to sound like an ass here, but I can cast mini leeches(buggers) with my 4wt no problem.

    What I interpret what your problem might be is that with a heavier rod, with a heavier line, your rod loads better, thus producing a farther cast. Lighter rods, with a lighter line, with less fly weight, therefore don't load as well, making it hard to cast.

    Here is what you might do and if you tried it and it didn't work, then sorry to be repetitive. When you make your cast, let the rod fully load. With a lighter setup, delay making your forward cast, until your backcast fully unrolls. Perform a double haul and launch the line forward and you will get the distance and ease in casting lighter flies without trouble.

    Your rod may or may not match your casting style. The rods I own are all fast action. Give me a med-fast rod or a medium action rod and I might as well be wacking the damn weeds behind me.

    With some practice you will be casting this little guys without a problem!!!

    Hope any of this helps!!
  5. Panhandle Active Member

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    I'm more comfortable casting sink tips and weighted flies than dries....... no false casting, a redirection single haul is all it takes-ziiiiiiiing!
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  8. Michael Brady New Member

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    My guess, actually is, that you have too much weight on the bugger on your lighter weight rods, where your rod does not load properly. I really don't think the traditional woolly bugger is meant to be tied in patterns smaller than 10 or maybe 12. And I know from experience with my 3 wt, additional weight means rough casting. But then, if you go lighter on the lead (tied into the woolly) or add lead shot, your fly won't go where you want it. I would try beadheaded woolly buggers size 10 or 12, without added weight on a slow sinking line, it might do the trick you are looking for. Or if you are cheap like I am, take a snip of the fast sinking line you have and throw it on the end of your dry line. I went to far into this topic, but I have to blame it on the Lagunitas Undercover Shut-Down Ale I just drank. DPA, ooooooooh.
  9. spanishfly Steelberg

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    I fished my 3wt after work today and caught brookies on a size 8 bugger. Smallest 'micro bugger' I'll go is a size 10. For the smaller fish a 10 is ideal as they can usually stuff it in their mouths. Below are a couple of today's brookies taken on a size 8 bugger using a 7'9" 3wt.

    Josh, as far as casting try shortening up the leader.

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  10. Josh dead in the water

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    I am fully willing to admit that it may be my casting that is wonky. I may catch fish, but I am anything but graceful in the casting department. Which is pretty standard for all of my hobbies/passions. I may get it done, but not with much style/

    I should probably head out onto the lake and spend an evening practicing with the 3wt and some buggers to see if I can't improve things. I think it is likely that some of the issue is that my rod isn't loading fully because I am fishing at such short distances. Maybe I should be roll casting more at the short distances.
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    Hey, this thread is 7 years old. Do you think he is still looking for some.
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    Holy necro post spamming!

    Yeah, 7 years later, I'm doing fine.

    This thread really confused me when it popped back up again. For a second I thought that somebody had hacked my account, but then used it to make a real thread for some reason.
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    Hi Josh-yesterday I had my two 8 yo grandsons at Fazon trying for some bluegill. I had two 3 wt rods, a LL Sage 389 and a 7'6" St Croix Ultra. Casting a #12 bugger, I just couldn't get it done with the Sage (which is my favorite dry fly rod for creeks) but the St Croix did an OK job-it is a lot faster action than the Sage. I would have done a lot better with my Loomis NRX 4 weight, but I think action of the rod has a lot to do with it. Rick
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    Sir, you need to learn the wedge cast. Problem solved.... ooh I see this is an ancient post!!! hahaha, Im sure youve got it under control now
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    I was wondering the same thing. A 7 year old thread ????
  16. Josh dead in the water

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    This thread is like talking to a ghost for me. Very odd. 7 years ago was pre-kids. I can't even remember.
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    Splash down, strip, year old post hooks a group of you! Non sponsor ad above has been deleted.
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    I was deep into the backing !lol
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    Crap. I was totally palming the spool on this one! Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!
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    I always look at the dates on posts now. I've been hooked a time or two.
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