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Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by Paul Huffman, Oct 23, 2013.

  1. Paul Huffman

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    After a long day of casting an 8wt. compact skagit, this year I've been presenting a painful knot down below my right scapula. It might be low in my traps or rhomboids. Do you have any advice on how to stretch this out, and any conditioning exercises to avoid this? I'm already doing upright and inclined rows, lateral raises, mac raises, rotator cuff raises at the gym which helps my casting endurance. I've been casting for quite a few years now, and I don't think I'm starting to grip too hard or over work the rod. Maybe it's that I've been casting for quite a few years and age is creeping up on me.

    I searched the forum and found this post but the guy has a somewhat different problem:
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    Hey Paul,

    The years of casting have been catching up with me too. Just wanted to let you know about this stuff that I learned about a few years ago. It's called BioFreeze. It's something like Icy Hot pain rub, but works so much better. Just rub this stuff deep into the sore muscle area until it begins to set up and becomes difficult to rub. You won't believe how much better it will feel in the morning. I've got tubes of this stuff everywhere, bathroom, nightstand, truck, travel bag, wader bag, gear bag... Works like magic.

  3. Danielocean

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    See a doctor.
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    There's a Doctor of Fisheries in the next office. UW 1978. I can see him from here.
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    I've been having a similar problem under the left scapula. Started out feeling like a painful knot under the shoulder blade and progressed to a constant, painful ache with tingling in the hand. Based on my self-diagnosis, I've concluded that I have bursitis from overuse. Ice helps a little but rest is the only thing that seems to have a real impact for me.

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  6. Danielocean

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    I went to the doctor on Monday for my shoulder pain. Turns out I have a big bad bone spur at my a/c joint. Doctor wanted to give me a shot right there. Surgery will be on its way.
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    Ibuprophen and 100 proof?
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  9. Salmo_g

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    Massage. And if casting is contributing to it, then work more on form and technique. Good casting technique should not stress muscles, IMO.
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  10. Danielocean

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  11. Paul Huffman

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    I figured I'd get advice like this.

    However, I only get this knot in my back on long days, like 10/19, ten hours casting either sink tips or indicators, often in awkward situations with perry pokes or snap tees with the anchor way out in front of me to avoid snags behind me and trying to get distance. On 10/26, it was only 6 hours with a Rage and a polyleader and lots of room, easy wading. No problems.

    It's not bursitis or arthritis in the shoulder joint, rather a knot in the muscles in the right side of the back. It actually helps to break up casting time with periods of rowing.
  12. sounds like Daniel needs to get his patented Columbia shooting heads rigged up
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    All the guys that have done this for a while will say try keeping your elbows in and rotate and use your body's big muscles more.. Worth a try. Good luck
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    What 'nd' says, and lots of others. You do not to make 100+ casts to effectively fish.
  15. Tacoma Red

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    I have had this too, at times it hurt to breath deeply. The pain and tension was between my scapula and spinal column. I finally went to a masseuse in NYC as advised by hotel staff while at a conference. The girl weighed no more than 98lbs and I thought what can this girl do? She placed about 8 very hot rocks on my back, covered them with a towel and came back in about 12-15min. Then she removed the rocks and got another from the crock pot below the table and she began digging that rock so deep between my scapula and spine following the contour of my scapula. I was very nearly in tears. After the THIRD time of doing this I no longer felt any soreness or pain and although I have sometimes felt sore in this area, it's never been as bad. Going on 8 years now.

    See a chiropractor but if you get a massage have them dig deeply and squeeze the knot out as if kneading dough. It will hurt but immediately afterwards I felt great. Hopefully it will work for you.
  16. TrevorH

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    Lay back onto a tennis ball, position it under the knot and get to work. A chiropractor can manipulate (pop) the joint where the rib meets the spine. Frequently, one of the ribs has stopped moving normally and the muscles around it cramp up. Sometimes a less qualified person can pop your back by picking you up in a bear hug, pressing down to the side of the spine, or even walking lightly on it. The trick is not to hold your breath, but to let them force your breath out. For prevention do thoracic extension mobility exercises, such as on a foam roller, then add seated rows, face pulls, and external rotator exercises.
  17. Paul Huffman

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    This makes a lot of sense. This is what my chiropractor is trying to correct as well. I'll ask him about this today. See:

    I'm not doing anything like face pulls in the gym. This is probably why I don't have problems on days when I can interject a little rowing.
    This guy talks too loud and waxes his chest.

    I'm already doing some rotator exercises but I like this video:
  18. Tacoma Red

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    Can you get her to jump up and down a bit?
  19. Paul Huffman

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    I don't have a rotator cuff injury but this video is persuasive:
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    That rotated my cup. :D