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  1. I know many of your like to do outdoor cooking and I thought you might find this interesting.

    I cooked in the backcountry for a 10-day trip earlier this month. It was a USFS and local college archeological field school. 13 people.

    Loading the gear onto mules at the trailhead.

    Then, pack it in to the camp.


    Then set up the wall tent that became the kitchen.



    When the rain started and the temperatures dropped, it was a very popular place for folks. The homemade soup was very popular.

    I baked and cooked.


    Above, a 2-loaf recipe of sourdough bread in a 12" deep Dutchie.

    Below, marinated grilled chicken.


    Below, chicken friend steak. I throw some minced garlic and chipotle into the batter.


    It was a very interesting 10 days. I learned a lot about archeology and everyone seemed to enjoy the breads, cookies, pies, and lasagna etc.

    The range/oven I got last winter was a great addition to my backcountry kitchen.

  2. Very nice!
    Are you related to Jerry? :D
  3. We both have some cast iron running through our blood . . .
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  4. And we both have similar hairlines. ;)
  5. That looks so good nice job
  6. Oh, and we do have a lot of the same gear there too. LOL. Miss my old firepan. Had one like yours. What I used quite a bit whitewatering. Sold it off with a lot of my old whitewater gear. Wish I had kept it.
  7. DAMN! - Now I'm going to have to find some good Chicken Fried Steak! Everything tastes better in the wilderness. Nice work :)
  8. Trapper, thanks for sharing.
  9. beautiful work, M. T.! I especially like the bread!
  10. So far I haven't found anyone who doesn't like my fresh-out-of-the-Dutchie sourdough bread.

    What's really a hit is when the huckleberries ripen and I send one of the wranglers out with a bucket and we have sourdough pancakes dotted with fresh huckleberries. If we have enough, I slow cook some and pour the sauce warm over the pancakes Along with some breakfast sausage and eggs it's a pretty great breakfast in the back country.

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  11. My backyard is full of fresh, ripe huckleberries right now. Guess what I am having for breakfast? Awesome stuff Trapper.

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