Backcountry lakes campsite etiquette gone wrong

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by jackchinook, Aug 28, 2010.

  1. jackchinook

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    I mean, who hikes almost 8 miles into a lake of fantastic natural beauty but is too lazy to go more than 25 feet away from the campsite to take a dump?!?!

    If you were in the group that camped at the peninsula site at Upper Granite Lake maybe 2 weekends ago and left THIS there, you should be ashamed of yourselves! And you should march back up there and pick it up.

    You literally could not walk into the campsite without seeing human crap. WTF!? Seriously disgusting, selfish, and pathetic. Given the location and its unique fishery, you embarrass me that we share the common description of highlakes angler.

    Other than that, our trip was incredible.
  2. Trout Master

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    That is fricking WRONG
  3. Caveman

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    Sad, but happens all the time. It's a person who doesn't belong in the alpine.
  4. Tim Lockhart

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    I didn't bother clicking...seen it too much already. But yeah, always floors me how many won't go a few extra yards, then either pack it out or bury it. Rule of thumb: Once you're done no one should be able to tell a shit was taken there. IT'S NOT THAT HARD.
  5. Dustin Bise

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  6. Gary Thompson

    Gary Thompson dirty dog

    So people like to wallow in their own shit.
  7. brodie

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    I read in an article in an outdoor magazine about how poo deteriates slow slowly at altitude it was a bad idea to bury it. You should smear it in a thin layer over rocks.
  8. Gary Thompson

    Gary Thompson dirty dog

    "You should smear it in a thin layer over rocks" quote by brodie
    Dude, you can play with "it" if you want, I'm digging a cat hole.
  9. Tim Lockhart

    Tim Lockhart Working late at The Office

    That's called graffiti in Chevron restrooms.
  10. JesseC

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    this is the quote of the week. hahahaha.
  11. Michael Nelson

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  12. Ed Call

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    Maybe I'm a crazy mofo, but when I'm in the alpine backcountry I have a home made PVC tube that weighs less than 2# when empty and can carry out all that I can plop out along the way. Strange to think of using it this way, but carrying bags for containment and this tube is not rocket science and then I and only I have to deal with my shit. My parents stopped changing my diapers way too long ago for me to think someone else needs to experience my crap. Sorry for that lowlight of your trip.
  13. Michael Nelson

    Michael Nelson Old And In The Way

    Wow, you make PVC at home?
  14. Ed Call

    Ed Call Mumbling Moderator Staff Member

    Smart ass. I made a SHIT PACK OUT TUBE out of PVC from Home Depot and carry that. I did not need a book to tell me how to take a crap in the wilderness, but I thought a receptacle to carry it out of there and dispose of it would be better. I can loan it to you...for carrying in your oranges or apples.
  15. Tim Lockhart

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    Ed, what's the diameter of that tube and exactly how is the waste deposited into it? Just thought I'd ask...
  16. Ed Call

    Ed Call Mumbling Moderator Staff Member

    Tim, the tube is black (so as not to mix it up with my white one used to protect the fresh fruit that I sometimes will carry as a treat after the first day). It is 4" in diameter. I have one that is 12" in length and another that is 18" in length, (more capacity...longer...trips) and you follow this procedure: (remember, you asked)
    1) Pick a place to do your dooty.
    2) Do your dooty.
    3) Take our your dooty baggie.
    4) Use your dooty shovel to scoop your dooty into your dooty baggie.
    5) Close up your dooty baggie.
    6) Deposit your full dooty baggie into your dooty tubie and close it up.
    7) Clean/put away your dooty shovel.
    8) Repeat as needed.

    This really is a gross topic, but it keeps my crap out of the alpine wilderness.
  17. Bob Jones

    Bob Jones Still truckless now farther away

    All the years we backpacked we used a cat hole about 6 in deep and covered the pile with soil or duff and put a rock on top of it. We would never find the remains the folloing trip usually a couple of months to a year apart. We also never did the dirty work on the side above the water or where it could contaminate the water flow. We never got any disease or sick in any way from drinking the water and usually just boiled what we needed for meals or coffee. We were always careful when we decided where to get our water and knew what was above us. I don't think it would work as well today.
  18. Gary Thompson

    Gary Thompson dirty dog

    Some many people using our back woods, wilderness areas, it's no wonder the potty problems.
    Ya go to school for 12 years and no one ever learns how to take a crap in the woods.
    A short story about "Crapper Mark"
    Mark worked in Idaho with me cutting timber.
    We had a thinning contract and every morning on the walk into the unit Mark was the last guy in line.
    Later one morning while taking a break Mark told me he though a bear have been stocking him on the walk into work in the morning.
    I said "why do you think that?"
    Well, Mark says, I stop and take a crap every morning on the walk in, then cover "it" with a big rock.
    This morning the big rock was rolled over and there was a big black bear setting up on the hill side.
    Mark used the camp crapper after that.
  19. Upton O

    Upton O Blind hog fisherman

    Oh, man, what a set up. If I post this someone might get pissed. Ah, to hell with it, I can hear it coming...

    "The size depends on how big the *%^hole is that needs it."

    Sorry for that in advance.
  20. Be Jofus G

    Be Jofus G Banned or Parked

    OH THANK GOD! :rofl: Thanks for giving the step by step. Here I was parying every day for you to not loose your footing while taking a dump in the woods. That would be a tough one to explain to the ER doctor tasked with PVC pipe removal, not to mention the very uncomfortable hike out of the woods. :clown: