Backer Rod Foam

Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by Daryle Holmstrom, Feb 1, 2006.

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    Picked up some today for strike indicators. Seems to me it could be used to tie up some bass poppers. Ties well, but the only paint that sticks to it is krylon fusion which only comes in spray cans. I tried fingernail polish but once it dryed just peeled off. After thirteen pages of google found the krylon link. Don't know if they have a brush on formula yet. Could be a fun project in the future as this material doesn't sink at all.

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    How about permanant markers (assuming you got the white backer rod)?

    What kind of glue works best on foam products? I think super glue can disolve some kinds of foam...

    I have a big role of 1/4 inch closed cell foam as well as some 1/2 inch that I plan to cut into popper and hopper material. But I haven't figured out what glue will be needed.
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    Super glue will dissolve styrofoam almost as well as gasoline will. Although I just googled a cyanoacrylate that claims not to. There are so many cyanoacrylates these days I can't keep track ... a lot of loctite-type products are CA.

    I've used super glue with good result on standard body foams, although it doesn't set instantly on it. But if you touch it with your finger it will. :p