Backpacking, favorite drinks?

Discussion in 'Camping, Hiking, Cooking' started by LT, Aug 15, 2006.

  1. LT Member

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    With two backpacking trips planned in the upcoming weeks, I'm in need of ideas for drinks while out on the trail. Anyone have favorites?
  2. Matt Burke Active Member

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    Boiled water.
  3. Scott Catlin Member

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    Single malt.
  4. Jim Fitz Member

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    Vodka with lemonade mix and huckleberries if you can find them.

    Or did you mean before noon? I prefer energy drink mix and water because I need all the help I can get. Cytomax (what I normally use), Accelerade, Endurox, Clif, etc. REI or any biking shop (that sells bicycles not harleys) carries them.
  5. LT Member

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    I'm looking for the alcoholic variety. :beer2:
  6. Stewart Skunk Happens

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  7. Jason Decker Active Member

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    mikes lemondae
  8. Snake tryin' not to get too comfortable

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    Whatever ya like and are willing to carry.

    I usually freeze a big (oil can) Fosters Bitter the night before, and pack that deep in my pack next to a frozen steak. Cold beer, grilled veggies and/or some pasta, and a steak cooked over a fire makes for a good first night dinner. (check fire restrictions...)

    My girlfriend likes wine (and I do, too, sometimes), so when she goes I take some along in a platypus water bag (food-grade plastic, collapses when empty, light-weight, 800 mL size holds one bottle's worth perfectly).

    I usually carry a wee bit of good scotch, purely for medicinal purposes.;)
  9. Panhandle Active Member

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    Come on now! Black coffee in the moning and whiskey at night by the fire. Don't you dare make mixed drinks in the backcountry.
  10. LT Member

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    <Don't you dare make mixed drinks in the backcountry.>

    Oh yeah, I forgot......uh....I mean, yeah, the mixxed drinks are for the little lady!:)

    Sorry Skwalla I let ya down! I'll try and relcaim some man points by hammering fish on the St. Joe....I hear glow-bugs work great up there.;) ...Kidding!
  11. Sloan Craven Active Member

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    I like to mix and match the little single serve (airplane) bottles. Also, a little secret I have that always impresses the ladies: Lt. Blender.
    You can often find them at gourmet stores or Co-Ops. Basically, they are a powdered cocktail mix in a plastic (platypus like) bag. You fill it with booze and water and freeze it. Then pack it with you.
  12. David Loy Senior Moment

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    Coffee and whiskey sums up my normal camping liquids. On car camping trips I sometimes bring a Boat Blender and mix up marguritas. Always a hit. They're pretty cool but you need a drill with HIGH rpm to get really good froth. If you wanted to go big time, there's another model that uses a chain saw engine.
  13. Swandazi Kevin

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    Red cool aide
  14. Brian Curtis Member

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    I like to go as light as possible so for extended trips my drink of choice is Everclear and Kool-aid. On the rocks with snow, if available. Since Everclear can't be found 'round these parts I'll go with 151 Rum as a second choice. If it is just a weekend trip and you can afford an extra bit of weight in your pack you can do a lot worse then bringing a lime, some salt, and a little Nalgene bottle of Tequila. :beer1:
  15. nathanj New Member

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  16. Sloan Craven Active Member

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    There really is nothing better than a cold beer deep in the woods.
  17. Shawn Seeger (aka. wabowhunter)

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    Well LT... since your are hiking here is a favorite for me... it gets several major points done all at once....

    Boiled Water
    Vodka/Tequilla/Rum (in a flask)

    and the best latest invention...
    (Crystal Light Singles) Raspberry Ice my favorites

    They say to use 8oz of water... I have found 4 or 5oz works to my liking...

    It is hot, sweet, and takes the edge off as night cap or morning drink....

    MMMmmmmm High mountain hot beverage!

    Cheers :beer2:

    (aka Shawn)