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  1. I need suggestions for where to go in the US or Canada for a 7 day backpacking/fishing trip. I have two or three friends that will be able to make a trip 2012 Sept time period. Moderate skills for hiking and fishing. Nothing in Washington please.
  2. I don't know about September, but when talking about an extended backpack trip with fishing, I thought of two ideas:

    1) Wind River Range: Open terrain on the plateau and some big fish in the lakes. Plenty to explore
    2) High Sierras: Amazing scenary and chances for golden trout.

    I don't know about September timing and the risk of bad weather.

  3. British Columbia, Sea to Sky highway. More ground than can be covered in a week for sure. Salt water, flowing water, alpine stillwater. I've looked long and hard at extended trips in to this part of the planet. I'd stretch your week to two or four!
  4. if u do the wind river thing i would focus on the lower elevation west slope lakes and bring some mouse flies. just remember u want "wilderness" areas.

    if u do the montana thing i would go to rivers that have bull trout.

    if u do the canada thing i would go to rivers that have bull trout.
  5. oh and september is awesome in the low elevations winds. go to the winds man its pretty epic backpacking downt there.
  6. [​IMG]

    from a trip i was on down there
  7. Nice fish! But what's up with all the posts? Are you try'n to catch up with Mumbles or something? :clown:
  8. No Washington huh? You must have already hiked and fished all of the North Cascades, Alpine Lakes Wilderness, OP, Wenatchee NF, Okanogan NF, and Gifford Pinchot. Good job, been working on it most of my life but still have many, many, many, more trail miles; lakes and rivers to explore.

    As mentioned High Sierras a must, bring snow gear for Sept.
    Shit if I had 2 years to plan, I'd be on a plane to Patagonia or Alaska...
    Have fun...
  9. Joe lists the “classics” for a great backpacking/fly fishing trip. I have been to both areas in early Sept and that is the best time of the year (smaller crowds, less skeeters, not too cold yet). Golden Trout Wilderness in the Sierras should be on everyone’s backpacking list. One trip I have had my eye on for years is the Big Horn Crags in Idaho’s Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness. Lots of lakes and fantastic scenery in the largest wilderness area in the lower 48. My final recommendation would be “The BOB, in MT (Bob Marshall Wilderness). The S Fk Flathead is a long haul to get into, but you won’t regret it. There are lots of nice lakes on both sides of the drainage. I don’t know much about Mumbles’ suggestion of the Sea to Sky in BC, but my interest has been piqued. Winter is for research and fly tying… and skiing (of course) – Gazetteers and Google Earth.
  10. Watch it...and help the guy with a trip plan.

    A week in the Bitterroots or Sawtooths or Selkirks would be pretty high on my non WA list.
  11. I did a 4 day trip in the Black Canyon of the Yellowstone last summer. Epic trip.

    Great fishing for Bows and Cutts, stellar views, not a ton of people either. Best time to go is during the Salmon Fly hatch, usually early to mid-July. The fishing is good at other times though, just have to change fly selection in September. You could make it a 7 day trip if you wanted with layovers and more time fishing than hiking.

    Last year we hit it pretty good timing around July 19-23 as the flows were higher than normal. The picture of me fishing is on hellroaring creek, a trib to the Yellowstone.
  12. A six-day, 55 mile hike through the Sawtooth Range was probably the best backpacking/fishing combination I ever did. Still, especially for those not used to high elevations, I suggest hiking down the middle fork of the Salmon River in Idaho, about midway between the towns of Stanley and Salmon. This famous stretch of wilderness river is famous for its scenery and teriffic fishing for cutthroat trout. It's usually run by rubber rafts, often with professional guides. But there is also, I've heard, a suitable trail running downstream from Bear Creek, the usual launch point, to the mouth of the Middle Fork into the main Salmon. Research it first, of course. The water should be perfect in September.
  13. two words THE BOB
  14. I did one in the Bridger Wilderness many years back. It's located in the Wind River Range near Pinedale Wyoming.
    Every lake we fished had cutthroats or goldens and very receptive to dry flies. It was one of the most visual trips I've been on both for scenery and surface feeding trout.
    I had the Bob Marshall in Montana as another bucket list trip but never made it. I'm sure that wouldn't be a bad choice either.
    My backpacking is confined to a once a summer, 2 niter in the Flattops Wilderness for flamer cutthroats. Flattops in Colo wouldn't be a bad choice either with the aspens changing, sweet scenery and hungryfish. They don't seem to be very picky at the end of the summer.
    Any of those places would be a great choice! Good luck!
  15. These places are great with less trafic than most places. Also, the mission Mt range, West side has only a few trails, lots of undiscovered territory. Hiked there many a times, 200 - 300' waterfalls into lakes that have abnormally large dumb fish.
  16. A couple guys from the Port Angeles fly club gave a great talk to the Bellingham fly fishing club about a week backpacking trip in the Owens River drainage fishing the 3 distinctive strains of golden trout in their original rivers. It looked like a very cool trip and they did it in September. Great scenery and they caught all 3 sub-strains of golden trout. If you are interested in that trip I can look up their names. Rick

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