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    Funniest thing I've read in a couple of days. My Daughter sent me 'some stuff' she'd found from my 'youth' and some in the bottom of the box. "I went back and read it a few years ago and it was a piece of crap anyway. It certainly has no practical application today."

    God can I relate looking back 50'ish years. My 'brown eyes' just proved I wasn't a "half quart low" ..... In my early 50's (think I got that right) back to University and it was GLORIOUS to raise my hand and say BULL XHIT! When you've worked in the financial industry for 25+ years you can smell it from a mile away. Amazing how 'clueless' a lot of these people were about working in "The Real World."
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    Heck. yes! I was about as green as it got and had only the book learning that the professors were teaching. After a few years, I realized that they are so far away from what they are supposedly preparing us for that they are clueless of the real world. That could be a major problem in the teaching force, today. I always said it took five years in a classroom before a new teacher was worth anything and I still stick with it. And the thesis really was hilarious to read. I had no idea how to write anything, much less a position paper of length. If I had to re-write it, I would surely change about 99%. The 1% would be the introductory page with my name on it.:eek:
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    FinLuver said:
    Is it against the copyright laws to save photos posted on the internet to your computer for use as screen savers, desktop backgrounds, or to play as a slide show at fly tying expos while you tie?

    I admire many photos that I see and would think others would like to see as well.

    (I try and save the person's name if possible for future reference too.)

    I am not lawyer but it is my understanding that if you are using someone else's intellectual property for any purpose without permission it could be construed as copyright infringement. It does not have to be for commercial use. There is not a hard and fast rule, there are some uses that might be considered fair use, like printing an excerpt of a book for the purposes of providing a literary review or using as a short quote to support a point in an article but the law can be a little squishy.

    In your example showing another persons work in a slide show at a fly fishing expo would likely be a violation of their copyright.

    I would think in the case of expos, this would be a form of free advertising for the tyer or the very least, it would stroke the "ego" (not that fly tyers or photographers are at all into that...hence, the many posts on internet forums).

    DISCLAIMER: Just know, that if you excel with feathers, fur, and lens...and post on the internet...I most likely have your image saved on my computer for future "use"...and will give credit where due. Any monetary compensation you seek will not be relinquished; but if you ask nicely, I'll remove your pic from the "world" view...just not from my computer. :D
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    Yes and no on copy write infringement. If posted on the Internet for the full use of the viewer the 'owner' would be hard pressed to file a claim. The real exception to that is if you used the picture(s) for personal gain, as in a profit. There you're open to question.

    The real issue is the cost of filing an action in Court, and which one and where. Atty's love these kinds of actions ... just watch the advertisements on TV (is that's all at 0100 - 0230 in the morning????)
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    That is not the way it works, "free advertising" is at the discretion of the rights holder, and again you can do things without financial gain that are still a violation of copyright law. You don't get to decide how to use someone else's property and a disclaimer does not relinquish you of liability. In fact, by putting a photo credit you may be implicitly acknowledging someone else's intellectual property and could make for a stronger case from the complainant (and I think thrice damages).

    Real case in point that I am personally familiar with. A individual took a PDF scan of another IP holders book (a large publisher) and posted it to the website Scrib'd. This person did not make any money in the act of giving the book scan away but did violate the IP holder's copyrights. The IP holder filed a DMCA notice with scrib'd and successfully took the sacn down but not after tens of thousands of downloads. The IP holder also went after the individual in court and was successful in winning a $100,000 summary judgment against the person who knowingly posted the book to Scrib'd.

    If you want to use someone's images in your slide show do the cool thing and just ask politely for permission. Explain how you intend to use them and see how it goes. Worst they can say is no.
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    Watch Colorado get a mailing of those $25 dollar off a $50 dollar purchase right about now. Gettin' hard out there fo a fanboy