Bad Luck at Meadowdale

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by 2FLYFSH, Sep 2, 2012.

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    Moved from the Eastside to the Lynnwood area a year ago. After a 15 year hiatus from flyfishing, restarting all over again. I'm just a good 15 years older now and approaching 60. Knot tying, rowing the Pontoon etc. arent as quick or good anymore but im still going to do it for another 15 years even if my castings is terrible and all of my gear is from the mid to late nineties. At least the gear is in first rate condition. My father past away and I inherited his Ross G2 and his Sage 6 weight Graphite II which positioned well with my other Ross G1 & G3, Batenkill etc. and rods. The G2 and the Sage are what I used today.

    I don't know the area here so I've been searching this forum and asking local fly shops, all who have been helpful. I decided beach fishing was the order of the morning and having been to Picnic Point decided to try somewhere else. The "else" was Meadowdale. Had the beach basically to myself all morning. One or two seals were working the area farther out and I saw one Coho leap into air in front of me. Had a couple of shakes but basically it was dead.

    Called the wife to join me and we both enjoyed and puffed our way back to the parking lot. Upon arrival at the lot, someone was talking to me about the fishing as well as my wife talking almost at the same time so I placed my rod on top of my Tahoe while I changed. You can probably guess what happened next. Yup, drove off following my wife and her car out of the parking lot with the Rod on the roof of the truck. I never noticed or heard it drop off and it was long gone when I went back (twice) today.

    Im upset with myself for being so dumb but also because it was my Dads gear and, that G2 was in perfect condition. I now will have to sell the extra spool for it as I'm probably better off purchasing another but new reel in that size range.

    Apart from the Seals and losing the Sage/Ross, I did enjoy the beach and morning.
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    Sorry to hear about the unfortunate circumstance. I walk the trail on occasion and the locals are mostly friendly on the trail.

    Put up a post at the parking lot stating you lost your gear.

    Chances are an honest hiker picked it up and might be looking for it's rightful owner.
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    Thanks Richard. I did place one up today at the parking lot. I've checked Craigslist for what that's worth and may call the county on Tuesday just to check.

    Even though this rod/reel wasn't one of my more expensive set up's, it's a good lesson for me to slow down and double check everything.
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    Sorry about the rod. I always put my rod om the driverside door against the sideview mirror ... Cant drive off without it
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    A simple and better idea than on top of the roof of my Tahoe where the barn doors swing out-too easy to forget about. Thanks!
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    I fish Meadowdale alot and honestly its pretty mediocre. I don't know why I fish it often. The mile walk down ruins it for me. It's not worth it half the time. Atleast I haven't lost a rod though....
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    It's was an expensive day that's for sure...
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    2Fly...Not to revel in your bad luck, but can I be first in line for the G2 spool...?? Post 98 I hope?? Let me know what $$ you're asking for it.

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    Hi Dave - I believe it's Pre 98. Do you know a fool proof way to determine?
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    2 fly, did the same thing last year on the Snohomish. put the rod down next to the truck. loaded the rest of my gear and drove off not even thinking of the rod i left next to the road. good thing it was Not a very good rod. but i do miss the reel.