Bait, dogs, guns, game...and girls

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Roper, Jun 25, 2002.

  1. A post by CWUGirl got me thinking...

    Just say no to bait.

    Get a Standard Poodle.

    A 24" Citori Upland Special is the right gun. (Unless you can afford a Merkel 147E)

    And why eat duck when there are Ruffed Grouse and Pheasant?

    Last but not least if your girl (or woman, wife, whatever) is interested in your sports, be thankful, love her right, and quityerbitchin' fool. None of the above matter if she's there with you.

    Any comebacks...?
  2. Got two mutts.... but I must admit a standard poodles a great dog :)

    As for a girlfriend who loves the outdoors... Indulge them. The best part about my SO is the fact she *loves* humping a pack 10-15 miles through the woods so I can go fishing ;) If you can find one, keep 'em happy, cause they sure do seem rare!
  3. How about just say no to tossing hardware (spinners or spoons)

    Get a Shitzu

    Black powder rifles are the way to go

    wild turkeys shot with a black powder rifle
    (also Black Turkey on the rocks)

    As long as the "little women" works so you can fish, nothing else matters.
  4. I might be old---but I'm good.

    My little woman works, but now I have to baby sit. What a bummer. When I worked she stayed home to watch them and now that I'm retired she wanted to go to work and now I have to watch them.

    It seems that I never get any breaks. Raise all of your kids and then you get to raise grand kids next. Jim S. :MAD :MAD

    Every time I get a dog one of the kids tease it so it bites. And if I had a gun I would probably go out and put myself out of my misery. :MAD
  5. A Black Lab mix (with attitude) is the perfect dog.

    I'll take a Nikon FM2 with a 300mm lens over any gun ever made.

    And eldest daughters make fantastic fishing, climbing, and skiing partners. So do youngest daughters who tie flies with the best of them.
  6. Bait is for nose picking non-thinking types, no matter how much your bottom fishing boyfriend says otherwise....

    Can't beat a quality lab...Especially those out of a local (Kirkland) 3 time national ameteur field trial finalist.

    Real uplanders use 25 year old 12 gauge Ithaca-SKB model 500 O/U's

    Leave the men at home...All they do is complain and slow you down anyway.. Leave it to the women to out fish and out hunt you boys all day long... Just have dinner ready when I get home, k? :WINK
  7. You guys are funny. LOL

    Depends on what bait you're using an where. Some people are just too afraid to get dirty. (just like people who "hunt" but won't hunt the big game like Elk because of the gutting/quartering aspect involved). Nothing like being up to your armpit in blood. :THUMBSUP Nothing wrong with bait, as long as you use it wisely. Some conditions, best way to catch a steelhead is running a set of spin n glos and a bait of eggs (everyone else has went home because of conditions).

    Best dog. Hmmmmm. I'd agree with CWU, lab it best way to go. But I think I'll stay away from the Kirkland place. My lab came from a small kennel, but they only had 2 national field champions and 3 national retrievel champions. :LOVEIT

    Best gun. I have two. But I'm not a shotgun type. I love using my great granddads sharps 45/90. I only get to give her a test run whenever I hit family reunions in Nebraska. Hopefully I can convince them to let me have her. :) Then I like my old Remington 700 30-06. She's an inheritence I recieved. I've bagged quite a few elk and deer with her, and so did my GRANDMA who used it before me. She tagged at least one deer or elk in the 20 some years she used it.

    Girls. Now, if you have a woman who'll hunt, fish, and do EVERYTHING with you. Enjoy her. And troutman "Last but not least, get a supermodel, put her on a pedastool, if she wants to go with, tell her that it is gonna be too cold and give her some $$ to go shopping with. No reason to ruin a perfectly good weekend of epic adventure by involving your woman." YIKES!!!!!!!!!! I have been there, was my life story. I'd highly advise NOT to do that. Unless you want $50K+ debt left on your doorstep unbeknownst to you. My ex did a number on me. She played all the cards like that. Shopping and crap. EWWWWWWWWWWWWW. Never again. Worse thing, all my fishing/hunting buddies had same thing happen to us. Now we have wives/girlfriends who are troopers and love the field. If they live a different life then you, chances are they'll be finding a different PARTNER while you're off doing it, especially the "supermodel" types. lol

    "You haven't lived until you've run a cataraft. Friends don't let friends run Outcasts."
  8. You are probably right 69'er. I just have never explored that before and I think I need to in order to really diversify my experiences. The last girlfriend was near perfect for taking on trips and hanging with the guys but she had a hard time with other aspects of being a girl.

    I know a bunch of older men who would say "don't worry about looks, I've been there it ain't worth it!"

    Yes you are probably right, but I need to go there to find out for myself. Granted, it would be nice if she did everything the way I like it but that might not ever happen.
  9. Troutman, you gotta grow up. Did everything the way you like?? Plez.. just have my martini ready for me when I come in the door...
    My boyfriend was at one time married to a hawaiian tropic model and he divorced her.... they had nothing in common. He wanted to go out and fish/hunt...She not only didn't understand that, but was PISSED that he was taking time away from being with her.
    LOL.. There are those of us out there that can do it all and look good doing it. Waders really do show off those curves, lol... With your attitude, though... I'm afraid you're not going to find a good one. And no, I'm not going to introduce you to my hot fly fishing friends..... :AA
  10. I always tell the gals that my ex was a model too :WINK That's right after I tell them that I played pro ball until an injury forced me to quit.
  11. Hey CWU

    You know, reading some of your posts. I gotta say I'm really starting to like you. You'd get along great with my girlfriend. You ever want to come over and flyfish for steelies/salmon, let me know, will make room on my big cat for you and your boyfriend.

    "You haven't lived until you've run a cataraft. Friends don't let friends run Outcasts."
  12. Hey CWU

    Grow Up? :DUNNO

  13. I gotta reply to this thread.

    I've got a wife who refuses to go camping and knows nothing about fishing. Her idea of a vacation is a bed and breakfast and a walk down the beach with a glass of chardonnay. We've been married six years and I've not been able to change her mind.

    However, she encourages my fishing predelections. When we lived in Illinois where there was no fly fishing, she found out that I had once tied flies. So she found a fly shop in Chicago (not an easy thing to do) and bought me fly tieing materials for my birthday. This got me really homesick for the Pacific Northwest, so I talked her into moving out here, chiefly so I could resume my passion. In essence, she quit her job so I could fly fish. Once out here and she got another job, she bought me my first float tube and a pair of neopreme waders. Last year for my 50th birthday she bought me a 3-piece Sage Rod, Ross Reel, and extra carrying case. She's become one of the Northwest Angler's best customers, even though she knows nothing about fly fishing and has no desire to learn. Although I'd love it if she were my fishing buddy, I think I'll keep her anyway.:THUMBSUP

    With regard to CWUGirls'contention that "you can't beat a quality lab," I respectfully differ. A quality golden retriever beats a quality lab any day, both in terms of hunting ability and general demeanor. I know whereof I speak, as I have raised and bred field champion goldens. Can't beat em.

    Finally, if you're into catch and release, you won't use bait.:pROFESSOR
  14. I'll pass on comments about bait, guns, game and girls (or women). I do want to second drbob's choice of golden retriever over laborador retrievers. I have had experience and my three goldens were far superior. By the way drbob (or anyone else), my current golden is getting somewhat long in the tooth. Do you have any recommendations for quality breeders of goldens in Western Washington?

    Thanks in advance for the suggestions.

  15. Sure...Hince there are so many field champion goldens vs. labs :AA ....LOL, Labs beat all other retriever breeds time and time again at trials because they're a superior working dog. Loosing ONE national to a golden out of 80?.....Not a bad record. many goldens were in the finals at the National Ameteur this year? none... All labs.
    And who in their right mind would want deal with all that fur?
  16. Need a golden retriever? Hmmmm. I have one that's about a year old I'd assume. I fished him out of the river while fishing the Cowlitz. He almost drowned. Haven't been claimed by anyone. Hate to put him in the pound. Knows most generic commands. I'd say he's full bred, but I'm not a Golden expert, born and raised labs here.

    "You haven't lived until you've run a cataraft. Friends don't let friends run Outcasts."
  17. no bait unless im in the salt

    golden retriever

    remington 870 with 3 different barrels

    dont eat ducks

    bring along my girl on "special occastions":THUMBSUP
  18. Fish with what you want. Hunt with what you want. Sleep with who you want. Life is short don't waste it. Life's lessons will come no matter what you do. Be sure you enjoy the learning.
  19. Lee,

    I don't know of any breeders in Western Washington, as I just moved up here; however, I do know of one in Salem, Oregon who, if he doesn't have dogs currently, might be able to point you to some other reputable breeders. We have a really nice dog from his dam Marguerite of Croisan Creek. The breeder's name is James M. Sheehan. Address: 3640 Croisan Creek Road S., Salem, OR 97302. Phone: 503-363-2740. Don't know his e-mail. Hope this is helpful.
  20. My van has a sticker "Bait fishermen suck"

    Get a black lab

    Remington 1100 and keep your nose down.

    Why eat ruffed grouse and pheasant when blue grouse and eagle tastes much better.

    Last but not least, get a supermodel, put her on a pedastool, if she wants to go with, tell her that it is gonna be too cold and give her some $$ to go shopping with. No reason to ruin a perfectly good weekend of epic adventure by involving your woman. Unless of course, she is a supermodel outdoorsy type. I know a few that would put any man to shame. Alpha females rule!

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