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  1. I was speaking with an individual recently about fishing some of the lakes in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness near Leavenworth. He said he used power bait in Colchuck Lake and had huge success. Is this legal? Maybe I am mistaken but I was under the impression that the high alpine lakes were single barbless artificial lures and flies only.
  2. Unless the regulation book says otherwise they are under the statewide fishing rules.

    There are very, very few Wilderness lakes that come under special regulation rules.

    Hey, I don't know about powerbait, but I had a great time fishing an Idaho Wilderness with live stoneflies!!! Casting, however, was a real difficult.
  3. Thanks. I bet a size 10 mini-leach tipped with rainbow powerbait would slay the trout in some of those lakes.

  4. Some of those lakes also don't fall under the 'Alpine Lakes Wilderness' specifically either. They are near the border, but outside the designated wilderness so the rules might be different and could fall under the normal statewide rules.

    I've been meaning to get up there and do some overnight hiking/trout slaying - I've heard it's a great trip.
  5. WTF:eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek:
  6. [​IMG]

    powerbait sucks except for those^^^^ because they imitate actual food that fish eat and not play dough
  7. ? I don't believe what I'm reading!!!
  8. This site when from Flyfishing to bait slinging in only 8 posts.

    Gotta love the internet.

  9. anything goes up there, maybe even a stick of dynamite.....
  10. PowerBait, Dynamite, what next roostertails with treble hooks. My Oh My. Is this a fly fishing site.:confused::D
  11. I love trolling wedding rings in red with a single niblet of corn at the end. I recommend 2 ounces of lead to get deep.
  12. Porter, I'm trying to picture that pattern...would that two ounces of lead be the same as pencil lead from coils? I can envision about four wraps around a giant treble with huge barbs that should do the trick. Should we enhance the pattern with one of those rattlers and scent sponges too?

    Ah pondring the Thanksgiving simplicity of a simple hook dressed with various soft materials to replicate or imitate something that is life like to trigger a striking response. Thank you for fly fishing and both the patience and persistence to practice it when possible.
  13. nah, just use corn like the rest of the stumbly mouth breathing filthy ball sacs that sling bait.
  14. Yes yes, do not forget the lead! I find it best to have a couple of balls of lead on there because every time I cast you know some of those balls of lead are going to fly off the line and go shooting halfway across the lake! :ray1: Come to think of it better put some extra bait on for the same reason. :thumb:
  15. legal or not... it would ruin my day to see someone fishing colchuck with power bait. such a gorgeous lake, i don't know why anyone would hike all the way to that to sling power bait. spin fishing is fine, but i draw the line at dough bait
  16. Awe the heart of true purist!

  17. wait does powerbait actually work? I never caught a fish on it and I tried a ton when I was like 10, the freaking freshly stocked pellet heads wouldn't even touch it :rofl:

    thats how I started fly fishing, bait was just too big of a pain in the ass and flies work better... For pellet heads in lakes anyway
  18. Oh yeah, it works...that and corn and bread and cheese and pepperoni and, my old M.O., single egg & anise flavored mallow. Or keep one and use the guts if you run out of bait. For that matter we're talking hungry trout...a booger, an old sweatsock or a pair of pliers would be just as effective :thumb: (entomologists don't make good fly fishermen...this is the stuff I'd imitate if I owned a vice)
  19. I would never fish alpine lakes with any sort of bait. The ecosystem is too fragile. There's probably already hundreds of people every summer trampling the banks to bare dirt, swimming and silting up the water, etc. Plus there's a much better chance of hooking a fish badly and it dying after release. Spin fishing or fly fishing is the way to go.

    Truth is, on the high lakes, the fish will eat just about anything you throw at them.

    Also, I'm with powder monkey. I can't remember catching anything on powerbait in my bait fishing career. :D
  20. I fished a high alpine lake shortly after ice off one year. Ranger said it was the toughest short hike in in the Olympics and she thought I was a stud. My heart was pounding out of my chest most of the three point scramble up most of that route. When I got there with my Cabela's combo starter 5 wt fly rod kit and fly wallet of 30 flies I was fishing like a champ. I tossed every fly and hooked fish on every fly. Those hungry little bastards would in fact eat anything. Probably a bare hook or cigarette butt fly too. Fish take flies, that one trip, stupid as it might sound, was the primary reason that I decided to work toward only fly fishing. I have not been back there in some time, access has gotten more complicated, but I should. This time I'll hike in with my float tube, a stupid move for the hiking phase, but a much better idea for accessing more area with a 3wt rod more approprite for their size and maybe better acccess will find some more mature fish. Who'd want to spoil that using bait? Not this guy.

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