Baitfish/Foodfish Fly Swap

Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by troutman101, Dec 15, 2003.

  1. $2 is totallly fine. We all probably pay way more than it actually costs anyways since it is too much work to actually weigh the package and calculate postage. At least I am too lazy.

    I will keep posting swap flies and then I will at some point transfer them to the gallery. I wish my scanner did dry flies as well as it does streamers. The scans are looking good!
  2. My fly is not a black worm. Geeesssh, I don't fish worms or renditions thereof.

    It's a Black Ace of Spades. Very hot matuka number. I'll send them (18) in as soon as I get the address from Troutman 101.

    Bob, the What, Me Worms?
    :rolleyes :rolleyes :rolleyes
  3. Spoken like a true flyfisherman Bob.:thumb
  4. Uhhhhhh TROUTMAN 101... Uhhh Your address, you know, for the swap.. Uhh??? Whats up???
    Waitin for ya to send it.

    Bob, the Where the Hell is Your Address Sort of Guy
    :dunno :dunno
  5. I need the address also...flies are done and ready to ship today/tomorrow....Email me your address and I will get em shipped.

    ~Patrick ><>
  6. I sincerely apologiize, but I seemed to have spread myself out a little thin over the holidays, I am out of town but can have my flies in the mail by the end of the weekend. If you guys don't want to wait for me I will understand. Sorry again, hope everybodys holidays are going well.
  7. I still have not received flies from about 13 swappers. I am sure it is becasue of the Holidays. My flies are almost done. I have about 5 more to go before I am completed.
    Bob, I did send you an e-mail. I guess it did not go through or something.
    Here is my mailing address:

    Attn: Tony Bentley
    c/o Feathered Friends
    1119 Mercer st
    Seattle, WA 98109

    Keep em coming guys!
  8. Mine are done and are going out today. Thanks for hosting the swap!
  9. Well, my mutant minnows are swimming your way, via USPS. Can't wait to see these beauties...


    Good things come to those who wade...
  10. Sorry, looks like Monday what with the snow and the Seahawks and all. Blame the wife. She did it. But Monday for sure.
    Bob, the Jerk at Times
  11. My flies are in the mail, went out today. Thanks for putting on another swap!!
  12. Thank to those who have been on time.

    After I get back from my New Year retreat to the mountains, I will post the stragglers so you guys can pound em. I have a feeling everyone will be on time though. They are starting to come in daily. I will also put in some time to scan them next week.
  13. HeY! Not me! Mine went out today. Priority Mail. Should be there at least by Wenesday. 19 cracker jack "Ace of Spades." Fish with shot along the bottom of deep holes,,, I found out about 'em 23 years ago and I have never touched a fish. But this will be the 24th year and I'm ready! Anytime now.
    Bob, the Just call me the "Ace of Spades.":smokin
  14. I am one of the slow ones this time. I had a couple things come up at work that have taken way more time than they should have. But enough with the excuses. Mine will go out in tomorrow's mail so they probably won't arrive until Friday. Sorry about that.

  15. I ran out of one key material when I was in Canada, so I had to hit the fly shop when I got home. I've got 3 more flies to tie tonight and then I'll get 'em in the mail tomorrow.
  16. Just going to drop mine off at the post office.

    18 'sculpie buggers,' sorry to have taken it down to the wire.

    Also, there are four that are a little different, I ran out of olive chenille and switched to brown. So four people will get a slightly different version - sorry about that. Unless they work for you four, in which case, I'm not sorry at all. ;)


    You can be a fish recycler, too. Let 'em swim.
  17. I didn't say thanks, Troutman, and that is not like me. But I know this has got to be a hassle and a headache.
    So a big thanks to you. I just love these swaps and that's why I've volunteered to run the next one: a sort of white elephant sale, a spring cleanout, a garage sale thing. I'll get out a post on it in the next few days. It'll be sort of different: you send in three dozen of your more modest numbers (a politcally correct way of saying flies you don't like) and then you wait for some goodies to come back. I'll explain more later.
    Bob, the New FlySwampumOberFuerher.;)
  18. I am still putting the finishing touches on my batch. I'll have them finished on New Years Day at the latest. I'll get them in the mail Friday. Sorry to be a lagger, but I had a lot of xmas flies to tie and the busy holiday schedule and......:beathead

    OK I'll just get my flies in...

    thanks for putting on the swap

    BH :)

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