Baitfish/foodfish swap

Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by Roper, Jan 29, 2004.

  1. Great flies, Thanks to everyone that joined in. I think the swapmiester goofed up though, he was to keep the extras, or maybe he just didn't like my flies.
    :eek :eek :eek

    Anyone else get their extras back? If so I think we ought to send them to Troutman...



    Good things come to those who wade...
  2. I'm glad you got your extras back too roper, I thought that people just didn't like my sculpins. I agree that the swapmeister should keep extras as a fee for putting it together, thanks again to everyone who participated!:thumb :beer2
  3. T-Man must have kept all mine cause I have yet to recieve anything?? Thats why yal got your extras back..LOL

    Cant wait to see em all

    ~Patrick ><>
  4. Quit your whining!

    You are just jealous cause you will only get to see the pics of mahi-mahi I will be catching.:p
  5. Relax, Patrick. I didn't get mine either, and I KNOW troutman didn't keep mine. They wouldn't be worth the effort. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised to get all mine back and none from the rest of you. :eek
  6. Troutman -
    where are you dorado fishing? I fished Cabo a few years back - 3/0 light blue or olive over white surf-candies were the ticket.

  7. Maui for 3 weeks. I will only be fishing for a couple of days. Just enough to fill the freezer. Mostly surfing and hunting and kickin it with the locals.

    Did everyone get their flies???
  8. I got mine, but Sparse's fly kind of sucks. Can I trade it for a different one?? :thumb
  9. Which one was his?

    I am not gonna be able to scan them til I get back.

    Anyone want to help out this poor timeless fool?
  10. I'm just kidding, it's an inside joke. Sparse was refusing to tell me which fly was his.
  11. Got mine, will be tossing them next weekend on the Crooked River.

    thanks again all - great variety of flies!

  12. yeah im stoked. there was some really cool ideas up in that swap. Gets me wanting to do a alternative food source swap. Things such as mice, frogs, salamanders, eels, baby birds... etc you know those things you need when fishing that secret spring creek at 1am.

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