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  1. Been doing a whole lot less fishing and a whole lot more tying recently. Do any of you beach guys like to use the more "tropical" or bass fishing style baitfish patterns? I see a lot of clouser type, sparse patterns used, but I also really like how these things fish.

    I finally got around to putting in an order with Az Fly Co and got a bunch of colors of Diamond Hair and Minnow Hair. Still practicing with proportions and bulk, but here are a couple I tied up. Anybody else using these to tie stuff for the Sound?

    The pink wasn't as pink as I had hoped (wanted to make it look like a Popsicle), but is still a great color.

    I Liked how this one came out, though it may be a bit big.
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  2. Nice ties. I really like the top pattern, especially the color combo and taper.
    I was going to tie some similar patterns this summer and give them a try. They seem to be extremely popular with east coast striper anglers but I don't see why a salmon wouldn't inhale one. There is a tier named Jonny King who ties some really great patterns using a similar style.
    Here are some of his patterns.

    What hook did you use on the bottom pattern?
  3. Those are nice, I agree with SF, I don't know why anything that swims in the salt around here wouldn't have a go at those.

    SF, I just looked at that site and he ties some really cool patterns, the squids are fantastic.
  4. I fished that color combo, Chartruese/pink/white successfully a couple of years ago for Pinks, and my buddy picked up some coho on it. Think it was called the Beachcomber. We tied ours with Fish Skulls, definitly a good color combo.
  5. Any chance of you doing a how to? Your ties are in the direction I want to head, but I am lacking knowledge and technique.
  6. SF, I knew someone was going to ask. I actually have no idea what the hook is. I just grabbed it out of a small pile of mixed octopus style hooks I had laying around.

    I hooked my first beach coho on a very similar pattern last year that a friend had given me. I loved the material and the pattern, so I figured I'd try a few for the Sound.

    BigDave, here's a link to the Az Fly Co site with a video of his Diamond Hair Minnow. I basically followed his process and just played with number of layers and the bulk of each.
  7. The hook looks similar to a Daiichi Circle-Wide D3847.
  8. "Little Stone's Beach Baby" I tie these very sparse and small, at about two inches, for the early season sea-run Coastal Cutthroat trout. By June I am tying them a little longer and fuller. And right through to late fall I will tie them up to as much as three inches long. And these will work well for salmon too. Somewhere between a sandlance and a herring as an impressionistic "attractor" pattern. I am using the Gamakatsu"Traditional gunmetal finish hooks. Also pictured is a nice fall run Cutthroat caught on this fly one October here. For more on my beach flies:

    camera 1 first try 061.JPG

    first try phone 1008.jpg
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  9. Gene, don't think that's it. It's not a circle hook. It has a slight offset bend, but isn't a circle. It's a lot like an octopus hook, just with a straight eye, not bent up. It may just be a live bait hook. I may have a couple more of the same hook and will try to get a shot of an untied hook.
  10. [​IMG]

    Guess you're right. It doesn't look quite the same. I've seen that hook somewhere before but I don't remember who sells it.
  11. John Rohmer is the guy that makes the diamond hair. He uses a Gamakatsu SC 15 hook for his DH Minnow. John will be tying at the Albany show this weekend. He will gladly answer any questions you may have regarding his patterns and tying.

  12. Shawn, what station # will you by tying at?... or do you know yet?
  13. Gene

    I will be tying at station #50 Friday sessions II & III. On Saturday, I will be tying at the Snake Brand booth. I have another baitfish pattern I would like you to see. I found it on the net the other day. It is called the Cheech's Low Fat Minnow. It is a very simple tie. This fly will not impress you until you get it wet. I have a couple with your name on them. I will bring them to the show.

  14. FlyinFish

    Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. I would have never figured that it is tied almost backwards. I will have to source some diamond hair of similar and get to work.
  15. Shawn, it seems like a lot of folks from WFF will be attending the Expo this weekend in Albany. Hopefully I can make it over there to meet you and others.
  16. It's a really cool technique and gets you a nice blunt head. They can also be tied with a typical epoxy head and still work great.
  17. Purely as an option to the style is using thread wraps to lock down the fibers instead of glue. This gives the pattern a body yet the tail still moves from side to side.

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  18. Stonefish, there's no reason you can't. It isn't that difficult of a pattern to tie. IT'S BIG. And doesn't include clipping deer hair :)
  19. GAT
    Not sure what you are taking about?

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