Ballard Locks/Fish Ladder report

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  1. Stopped by the Ballard Lock/Fish Ladder to see what was passing through tonight and counted 8, yes 8 Salmon total. All were Kings 1 Wild, 7Hatchery. Zero I repeat zero Silvers. All King's were brassy in color and 14 to 18lb.
  2. I was down there two weeks ago and it was literally plugged.
    I work a mile away and try to get down there a few times a year during the runs and I'd never seen it so full.
    Plus you could see them schooled up on the surface outside the ladder.
    I'd say roughly 2/3rds hatchery, 1/3 wild.
    Went down last week and it it was half or less of what it was.
    They were still visable schooled up outside the ladder.
    I should have noted what the tide was doing but didn't.
    Sockeye return was pretty dismal I guess.

  3. Hey I was there today too....Next best thing to actually fishing.

    Saw 5 or 6 kings (1 w/ adipose) +1 PINK in the ladder - yes thats right a PINK! There is no Lk WA run that I know of + its an even must have been one confused fish!

    Lots more kings milling outside the locks and lots more jumping every 10 secs on the lake side.

    A bit early to see silvers in fresh water, so no worries (yet).

    Also saw a big school of juvenile salmon or possibly SRCs? (8-14") stacked up outside the locks. Lots of bait there too so maybe that was the attraction, or possibly freshwater insects pouring out the spillway?

    A GBH was getting quite a meal stabbing herring from the rocks as the bait were being pushed to the side by the kings and the smaller fish.

    Quite the scene! Very fun to watch nature in action even if it is next to a concrete spillway in an artificial waterway in the middle of a major metropolitan area.

  4. Maybe I should take my girls to see that ladder action. Does anyone know if there is similar return activity at the seattle aquarium? I know a chum run where they can get close to thousands of fish at a time, but to see these jumping the ladder might be inspiring. Thanks for sharing.
  5. Take the kids to the Issaquah creek hatchery for entertaiment.My kids find it more interesting than the fish ladder.
  6. Sorry, I'm new around here. Where are the Locks/fish ladder? I wouldn't mind checking something like that out. I'm going to have family in town next weekend and I would like to take them somewhere to see some fish. I'm on the Kitsap Peninsula so it would be easier to go somewhere over here (if there is something) but I'm sure we'll be over in Seattle at least one day they're here.
  7. you can access the Locks from both the Ballard and Magnolia side of the shipping canal. If you take 45th (market st) West through Ballard you will see a parking area on the left hand side that you can park and walk down through some nice gardens to the Locks. that is probably the easiest way. Walk over the locks to the other side to find the fish ladder. there is an underground viewing area that is like an aquarium for you to see what is swimming through at the moment. have fun, it is a good place to take visitors.
  8. I will probably get grief for this but hey. There are also returning runs in Pipers Creek at Carkeek Park. Seems every year local schools dump a bunch of smolt in the creek. The good news is there are silvers SRC, and steelhead right out in front.
  9. i got down for my lunch breaks everyday and it fell off quick...and i mean quick. the last month was full of fish then one week they were gone. sockeye were done before they even started...

    and im quite suprised i havent been seeing any silvers yet. there was 4 or 5 last week when i was down there but that has been it.
  10. Ballard Locks/Fish Ladder report 8/27

    Stopped at Fish Ladder to see what was in the window and last week zero coho and 8king's as reported earlier. This morning there were 6-9 Coho (6-10lb) and 6-8 King's.
  11. when does the sockeye run typically happen? i seem to miss it every time
  12. June I believe. It was dismal this year from what I have heard.
  13. If it happens at all it happens about mid July but that being said it's about the most f-ed up unpleasant fishery I have ever experienced. The crowds that show up so thick that they make pink salmon fishing on the Snohomish seem like a secluded fishery.

    If Sockeye wasn't so damned yummy I would never ever bother with it.
  14. Locks Report - September 1

    Stopped by the fish ladder at the locks with my kids yesterday. Saw tons of hatchery coho in the ladder window. A few chinook too. My estimate is that there were about 30 fish in the window at any time, all moving through pretty quickly.

    I don't pretend to understand salmon enough to say what this all means (my catch rate certainly indicates that I don't know much). But they must be moving into the fresh water if the lock ladder is any indication.
  15. i really don't have any interest in targeting them. i just want to go see them come through. though i very much agree on their tastiness :)
  16. Was there today an hour after high tide.
    Quite a few silvers with a couple kings still showing.
    Pics arent't great but posting em anyway.
  17. Nice to see a mix of natives with those hatchery fish. What the heck is that all over the viewing window? Some one cough up a bunch of tarter sauce when they seen all them salmon?:rolleyes:

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