Ballot initiative banning the harvest of any Wild Steelhead

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Nick Andrews, Nov 26, 2007.

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    it shouldnt be a permanent law or anything, i think it should be banned where the wild steelhead are low, if there happens to be a river where the population is large enough, allow the retention of them. for now we should just stop the retention of them altogether i agree, but you never know when they might be in better population and where it would be plenty fine to fish for them.
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    As others have already mentioned, I also think a state initiative to ban the harvest of wild steelhead would be a poor idea. There simply aren't as many conservation minded voters in WA as you might wish to believe. When the Wild Steelhead Coalition sought to make wild steelhead release the WDFW's statewide policy, it provoked a viscious backlash that still hasn't died down. I do believe the time will come; actually I think the time has come and gone, but what I mean is that I think the time will come when it is politically and legally feasible to obtain such a policy and law, but that time is not now. If you hang with the WSC for a while you'll learn why. Be patient is all I can say.


    Salmo g.
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    Salmo g,
    Let me say for the last time, I only proposed this idea as a conversation starter and do not endorse this idea as a solution, but I am glad to see that people think I am so ambitious to under take such a task. I believe that the tribes will not give up their harvest until we as sportsman make the same commitment, which might mean close some rivers to fishing for wild steelhead at all.
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    nick, looks to me like those snake fish are all hatchery brats, definitely the first and second one, that is interesting that they were told they are wild.
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    the quillayute system would make a great experimental environment. the rivers in that basin are in pretty good shape right now and they still return the largest steelhead around these parts. one of the guides i spoke with indicated that for all of their efforts, the quillayute are making 20-30k/yr selling their salmon and steelhead. his idea was to just pay them in advance so they would keep their nets out of the rivers. interesting idea.

    having attended a meeting dealing with the elwha, i have to say the plan in place right now is to stock the shit out of the river once the damns come down. that includes both salmon and steelhead as the co-managers want instant returns and bucks in their harvest pockets.

    that is the state of things. the tribes are in this for the money. has nothing to do with culture or ceremonial uses of fish. all of that is a smoke screen, and one that is well done i might add, for the consumption of the general public.