Bamboo Exclusively?

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  1. Starting fishing cane a year ago and now I own three. My fishing partner got hooked as well, just bought his second last weekend. I feel like the slower action gives my best presentations. 100% trout fishing I use cane, 100% steelhead I use glass.
  2. I'm pretty much 100% bamboo now. Since I began making my own rods I made a decision to sell a collection of Loomis rods and to committ to fishing bamboo exclusively, I haven't looked back since. I fish trout so all my rods are in the 4 to 5 wt range and from 7-7.5' at this point. The fun thing about bamboo are all the different tapers out there. The personalities of the rods are fun to get to know. Something like kids, some you love to spend as much time as possible with, and of course there are a couple that you just can't wait to see the back of their head heading out the door home. LOL Most interesting about bamboo is the people you meet who have a interest in the craft. I hope more people have a chance to see that fishing bamboo doesn't have to be a elitist type of experience. If you like to cast flies and would like to see how distinctly different two tapers can cast the same fly you really need to spend some time with a bambboo rod or six.
  3. I'm 100% glass below 8', all of it modern glass (Steffen, Scott, Wojnicki). I owned some modern cane rods in the past few years, and really good ones (Thramer, Mike Brooks, Bill Taylor, Eden Cane), but modern glass rods just strike a chord with me for small to mid-sized streams. I sold those to fund my glass addiction.
  4. Agree with you wholeheartedly, Tim. And if any of you have the opportunity to meet and chat with Jerry Foster you'll find quite a character just full of information.

  5. Wow. A lot of guys out there like me fishing bamboo close to 100%. That's great to hear.

    But there must be more...? Lets hear from the rest of you.
  6. All my freshwater fishing from 3 to 7wt is done with bamboo -- a combination of Granger, Phillipson, Orvis and several British-made rods. All blue-collar stuff that gets the job done quite nicely.

    In the salt, for light work I use a Sharpes Scottie Impregnated 88 9' 6wt that has anodized hardware. For heavier stuff, I sometimes go out with an Orvis SSS 8'9", but here I admit that it gets tiring fishing bamboo especially when the wind's up and/or I'm fishing tropical flats and/or for bigger fish -- this is when the graphite rods come out to play.

  7. Kenneth,

    My daughter was in Rome for a study abroad program so we went to visit her in early June this year. Beautiful rivers there, we travelled up into the Dolomites and I wish I had been there a little later after the runoff was over - everything was still quite high. I've seen others post about using bamboo for Browns and "Marble" trout in your neck of the woods and I have a goal to go back to fish there (Slovinia too) some day.
    Question I've always had; how do you acquire/transport/ship rods to Italy? Are there difficulties with getting U.S. made rods there while travelling? Greg
  8. Greg,

    Ah, pity we weren't in contact in June, that's a great month for fishing, although I'm a little surprised by the high water in the Dolomites...still it's true that their season starts and ends a month later than ours in Central Italy, perhaps to account for the snow melting later and for a longer period up there. Tell me the next time you're here and maybe we'll check out some of the Central Italian streams if the season's right.

    To answer your questions:

    - I've always had rods shipped via USPS, never had a problem. Anything up to a 7' 2-pc seems OK, never had a package longer than that, since all my other rods are 3 piecers. I buy mainly from the Clark's classifieds or other private sellers, dealers' lists, and such like, much easier to work out prices and shipping arrangements etc. I must add that practically all my reels came from the States, I've even acquired several from WFF members.

    - I don't understand the second question. Are you asking if you could order a rod whilst you're traveling in Europe and have it shipped over? If that's the question, then yes, as long as the seller is willing to ship outside the U.S., there should be no problems. Allow for anything up to 3 weeks for delivery.

    All the best,
  9. Kenneth,

    Thanks for your reply. Yeah, lots of runoff from snowmelt up north where we travelled. Be great to fish w/you if we ever make it back there - open invitation here for you as well if you ever visit our area.

  10. Kenneth, I'm pretty sure you're the guy who regularly posts photo-heavy fishing reports on the Clark's thread "What to enjoy besides..."? Great stuff. I always enjoy reading those. Italy (my favorite country besides the US) and flyfishing (my favorite activity) seem like a great combination.
  11. Lugan, yup, that's me! Thanks for the kind words. And you're Lugan123, I presume. The photos are actually stored here at the WFF gallery.

    Greg, thanks for the kind invitation, might just take it up some day.

  12. I have been tasked with selling the fishing equipment collection from my father-in-laws estate. There are many bamboo fly rods and and I know nothing about them. I have investigated the rods on eBay and found most of the brands and will probably sell them there. But, I have several rods for which eBay has no listings. I am looking for advice on how to educate myself on the market value of these items. This thread, in particular, caught my eye because I have a dual rod set marked Constable of Bromley England.
  13. If you need help with information and appraisals, post pictures of the rods on the on the appraisals board. There are several knowledgable collectors there who can guide you.

    Good luck
  14. I really can't thank you enough for the info.
  15. Tim Cottage is very familiar with the Constable rods, he should be able to help you out when he sees this or you can pm him.

  16. Send me a PM and I will be happy to answer any questions I am able to regarding the Constable Dual. As always, pictures are worth a thousand words.


  17. Mis comienzos fueron el grafito, con el tiempo probe bamboo y a partir de ello empece a construir mis propias cañas y hoy por hoy tengo una variedad que va de linea nº 1, hasta cañas de dos manos (Spey) y realmente el abanico de cañas me da la posibilidad de pescar en cualquier ambito. por lo tanto 100% bamboo.
    Saluda cordialmente HBages
  18. Horacio, benvenidos!

    I looked at your website, you do some very nice work. Have you thought about joining the Classic Fly Rod Forum, I'm sure the folks there will be interested to see your rods.

    All the best,
  19. I've only got two, an old Montague Sunbeam two-tipper that was my father's, and a little Headwaters 4wt that I truly love! The rest of the time it's flinging graphite. In my case, I would love to do more bamboo, but there's usually a vintage grouse gun wiggling it's double triggers in front of me!
  20. were can I get my bamboo rod fixed its pretty old looking and some of the guides fell off. I really want to fish this bamboo rod so bad. I got it from a older gentlemen who said it was his dad's in the 20's

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