Bamboo or... Seahawks?

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  1. I'm not sure what I'm more excited for... kickoff in a few minutes, or this arriving on Saturday...

    Six weight parabolic 8 footer built in 2010 was bought/built new in 2010 for $800. If I like it, after a week, I pay $400 for it. It's a thing of beauty and the 5/64 wet tips are going to swing classic wets like a freakin' dream as I understand it. It's going to be one of my first "finer things in life" - especially once I move from an additional Lamson HA II spool to a Hardy Perfect once I can drop a little more coin. At that point I'll move the 6 weight Wulff triangle taper from there to the Hardy... but until then I think the Lamson will balance well on it.

    Complete rod with both tips (both 5/64 wet, to be alternated).

    Close up:

    With fish (ie mojo):

    Anyways... really excited - even more than I thought given Wilson just connect a bomb on the second play. Cheers
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  2. Beautiful rod and photos. Who built that one?
  3. That is a unique looking color for bamboo...certainly not like those I've seen. Is it ton-kin cane or something else? As to your question, the rod.... definitely the rod.
  4. It's deeply flamed. Thus the deep coloration ala Paul Young.

    Yes, the rod. :D
  5. Bamboo fly rods and the Seahawks..........

    One of those things will never let you down.
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  6. When you're a real fan and have been since the club formed, neither will let you down.
  7. Very nice... good score!
    On both counts ;)
  8. It purdy. I'd be excited too.
  9. NIce looking rod. Nice deal on it too!
  10. Very nice. Which PHY taper is it based on?
    It sounds like you are already prepared for some adjustments to your stroke. That's a good thing because you might need it. If you're lucky you will take to it right away. It all depends on just how para it really is. I have a number of parabolics from extreme to mild and have found that most of them respond well to a long belly WF. Becoming proficient with a para will improve your casting across the board. They really are a marvelous invention. If you don't take to it right away give it some time, be persistent and soon the magic will happen.

  11. I'm not sure, Tim. My knowledge of bamboo will grow with the ownership of this rod. What I do know is it's full-parabolic, and thus, my timing has to be on the money to keep my loop from collapsing. I am told that a Wulff triangle taper line works great with this particular rod. I will have five days to check it out before I commit.

    Here's the link and the write up re this 8015.

    MODEL 8015 PARABOLIC 15 -- 8'0" -- 6 Wt. -- All around big water rod available with two wet fly tips or one
    wet / one dry fly tip. Handles a 6 or 7 weight line with the wet fly tip, a 5-6 with the dry fly tip.
  12. This should be a powerful rod. A line launcher of the first order. Think of your backcast as cocking a powerful spring that is a bit slow to react. A stiff wrist is important. The old ten o'clock and two o'clock was never more important. Hard stops and a deliberate pause both fore and aft are also important to allow this rod to do its part. This all sounds like regular casting stuff and it is but certain things are a bit more pronounced.

  13. I will let the rod teach me. It seems that any rod properly loaded lets a person know, as long as one listens.
  14. Excellent. With that approach you are sure to unveil the rod's quirks and capabilities. Let us know what you discover after spending some time with it.

  15. Congrats on the new (almost) cane rod. Tim's exactly right: it should be a real, big-water rocket launcher.

    As a thought, TT lines aren't for everybody. One of the rubs on them is that their taper is such that they're outstanding at long casting distances but don't load the rod at short distances. I personally don't care for them, but I know a number of folks who love them.

    When you evaluate the rod during your 5-day window, you may wish to try it out with as many different lines as you can put your hands on to help eliminate variables associated with particular tapers. As you probably remember, I have a number of different 6wt lines and will be happy to meet up to try them out. Shoot me a PM to coordinate.


  16. PM sent. Thanks! Been too long anyways.
  17. AGGGGHHHHH!!! It did not come as hoped... guess I have to wait til Tuesday now. Bummer :(
  18. And it won't be the fly rod!
  19. She came today! Based on a Paul Young 15 taper, this Bill Critchfield is a gem. With a type-3 WF 6-weight line I was quickly throwing 70+ feet at the park... and being a very sub-optimal line I quickly went "yep!"

    A run down to Avid Angler got me not only great conversation, but a Wulff Triangle Taper 6 weight strung on a spool that was just waiting for me to say "yep!" I've heard (thanks Kent) that Wulff triangles sometimes get bit of thumbs down when at short distances, but for short distance stuff i.e. dries I was floating down yarn fully extended with my five weight spool up to 50 feet, at which point I could tell I was no longer loading. Moved to my 6-weight type-3. I think it's going to be just a matter of letting the rod do the talking, and man she's a sweet talker!

    The parabola and such was a non-issue. Must be my affinity for full and mid-flex graphite of which I have a handful. Timing? Loading? Let the rod do the talking. Did I mention she's a sweet talker? Perfect.

    I can't wait to get out on the grass or preferably water and see what the Wulff line will do on this baby. 80? 90? Maybe the whole line once I get use to the rod... Time will tell - and soon!

    Yet another picture of her sans-fish... but they will be coming. :)

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