Bamboo or... Seahawks?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Jim Speaker, Aug 29, 2013.

  1. It often comes as a complete and pleasant surprise to many people new to bamboo that some cane rods can really sling a lot of line with very little effort, just as some graphite rods can do the same. Once you get over the distance thing there is much more to the full para design to explore. They tend to be outstanding roll casters. Some of them give you the option to consciously isolate which part of the rod you want to flex most. Tip or butt or both. The stiff mid and a varied stroke allows you to do this.

    After you've spent some time with this rod and you would like to experience other para type tapers just let me know. I have a good variety of them that you are welcome to try.

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  2. Sounds great, Tim. I was noticing already (in the park on the grass briefly with a type 3 WF...) aside from it easily shooting a good deal of line that it had a very powerful roll cast. The rod just had excellent turnover. I'm really looking forward to fishing this rod!
  3. Looks like a sweet rod, Jim.

    I'm a relative novice with bamboo, but after trying several tapers over the past couple of years (thanks, Tim, Kent, Mike), I opted to have Mike Monsos build me a parabolic 14, 7'9" for 5 wt. I don't fully understand the physics of it, like Tim does, but one of the features of this rod that it does better than any other rod I've cast, is the ability to pick the line off the water, and with one back cast, lay it right back out exactly where I want it to. I also found that, the first day I took it out on a lake, sitting low in the water in a float tube, once my arm got tired after fighting with it for an hour or more, I started to relax and I cast much better. Unlike a lot of graphite rods and some bamboo tapers, it really doesn't take well to forcing it to do what you want it to do.

  4. Thought I'd post a couple photos now that the bamboo and new reel have a little NW mojo...



    If you recognize this foggy lake, DO NOT say the name of it.

  5. You only shot line with graphite you cast with bamboo.
  6. No, I am sure the bamboo shoots line too... :)
  7. ...very nice!
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  8. I saw that rod/reel in person when I fished a lake with Jim a couple of weeks ago. It was so sweet looking that I declined to even touch it, for fear of leaving an oily heathen fingerprint on its finish, or infecting it with my cursed variable juju.
    It was really purty to behold, though!:cool:

  9. Bah, it's a rod. It is meant to be handled and catch fish! Just wait til a little blood gets on it... :)
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  10. As long as the blood is not your own, then its OK.;)

    Seahawks? I've been following the pro surfing contest circuit online. Looks like the next World Champ will be determined at the Pipeline Masters on Oahu in early Dec. It will be either Kelly Slater for his 12th World title (must take 1st place to cinch the title), or Mick Fanning, who only has to place in the top finalists there to claim the World title (due to accumulated total points) if Slater doesn't take 1st place.
    If Slater only takes second place, or worse, at the PipeMasters, then Fanning only needs a 13th place at Pipeline to get the world title.
    In fact, even if Slater wins the Pipe Masters, Fanning can still take the World Title with a 3rd place or better showing at the Pipe.
    The pressure is on Slater, as he has no wiggle room. He not only has to win at the Pipe Masters, but also hope that Fanning only gets a 4th place or worse, in order to achieve his 12th World Title.

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