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  1. Thanks for sharing Greg. The conversion from the old letter line weight codes to modern numerical codes can often be confusing. I currently have a half dozen vintage Orvis impregnated rods in my closet. Unlike my plastic rods, I've found that they all cast best, at least to me, when lined as suggested.

    Battenkills were made in a variety of different lengths, number of sections and ferrule widths. As a result they were marked for lines anywhere from a 5wt to an 8wt. While personal preference trumps anything else in how one feels about a particular rod's action, I'd strongly suggest trying several different lines and weights before settling on a particular weight.

  2. This is a great thread!

    I think I read somewhere that Orvis line recommendations are based on weight-forward lines, whereas most folks involved with bamboo rods use double taper lines as the standard. So, a rod that Orvis designates as a "6-weight" might be more like a "5-weight" taper by other rod makers. I've never had an Orvis rod or made one using an Orvis taper, so others may want to verify whether this is really the case.

    The conversion tables from the old letter-based line sizes usually work well, but remember that the letters represented line diameter, whereas the modern line designations are based on weight. So, you really need to try rods with different lines.

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  3. So where do the Orvis Impregnated series fall in the long list of bamboo rods; low, mid or high end? I'm actually amazed they were able to get away with using the words rod and impregnated together back in the 50's and 60's... pretty risque for that time.
  4. I'd say Orvis bamboo falls in the "mid" range as far as prices go.
    They'd be worth a lot more if they hadn't produced so many of them over the years (supply/demand). The quality is generally very good, and they made some great tapers, although I'm certainly not an expert on Orvis rods. Others here know more about them than I do.
    You can easily find nice Orvis bamboo rods on either side of $450 if you look around.

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