Ban On Steelhead Fishing From Boats?

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Bob Triggs, Oct 28, 2009.

  1. I'll add bears and dynamite to that list.
    Those damn suicide bears are something else. They'll go and run into the water and blow themselves up so that the fish will go belly up and float down to their hungry bear buddies. Martyrs, they are called...I think that the crazy bastards are a detriment to the survival of our steelhead. I've tried, but with no success to make it illegal for bears to get dynamite. I have even tried getting it so that they have to pass an FBI background check and a 5 day waiting period...alas no success. They have deeper pockets than I alone, but I'm sure if we get together on this and work as one, we will get this taken care of. I am more than willing to accept your donations of $29.95 deposited to my bank is for the fish after all.
  2. So Brazda,

    You generate quite a bit of your income from this very subject. Just how much of your income percentage wise would you say is generated strickly from fishing from the boat?

  3. didn't read it all, but wow, when you hens get your feathers wet, ya sure do cluck alot. why does it seem that too many in the flyfishing community have this, "Everybody but Me Attitude". it seems bug rods are increasing by almost double each year, on our streams, while the gear guys are staying about the same, i would submit that shore fishing flyfishing, is and does carry with it an increasing impact on these fisheries. you can't just keep pointing your finger at a gear guys. you have to take responsibility for your own actions, elitist or not. ya want to save fish, stop fishing, stop fishing in streams with wild fish, put your money and your time where your mouth is. anybody can be a bitch! its easy.
  4. ..........not on my river, not my guide business, not with my boat...........

    about sums up the conservation perspective of the posters to this thread, pathetic. and let me say, once again, this is EXACTLY why the commercial interests keep on winning while the sport fishers keep on loosing. the bottom line seems to be, at least on this BB site, '....i want my share....' now that's a real conservation stance to adopt. but guess what, there are actual conservation oriented folks and organized groups that are going to stuff this down the sport fishing communities throats, and more power to'um.
  5. Best damn idea I've heard all day. :rofl:
  6. SG,

    In no way did i imply that the money out of a clients pocket meant more to me than the quality of the experience and time spent on the river. I was soley trying to emphasize that the use of boats, in certain cases, are the only way to improve, and get the best of, the time spent on the water. I love what I do and the way I do it, and have had nothing but great experiences with fishing my clients out of a boat.

    On a side note, the way i run my boats is the exact opposite of how a westside gear-chuckin outfit would run. I'm not making the cast, im not making the mend, im not setting on the fish, and im fighting or landing it either, thats all in the clients hands. Im just there to provide professional instruction and 'guide-ance' to bring the cliental up to the skill level where he or she can do that all on their own. Thats the beauty of flyfishing. You, the client, are performing all the motions of the sport, and you, the client, gets the reward when you get to see a fish in the net that you just cast to, set on, fought and landed on your own. All of that tied together sends a client home with more than a 'fish pic', but improved skills learned that he/she will utilize later on in life.

    And to tie it back to the 'original' thread topic, i utilize a boat to do so.

  7. Now, this is how you build comraderie and consensus amoungst the fly fishing community.:eek:
  8. iagree
  9. Can anyone comment on the reasons why fishing out of a boat on the section of the Sandy above oxbow is not allowed? Thanks.
  10. Charlie,

    A coworker who's fished the Sandy for many years said it's to improve the quality of the fishing experience, I guess by eliminating any conflice between bank and boat anglers. There is no biological or fish management reason.

  11. I am so f-----g confused and depressed now that there is only one thing let to do.
  12. Go sounders
  13. learn not to crash and don't leave any marks on the rocks
  14. I didn't read though to see if anyone got the whole story on the Deschutes in Oregon from what I did ssee it wasn't complete and mine won't be totaly either because I don't have stats or the official reasons for the rules. Here I go, 35 years ago my son and I were invited to join a group going to the Deschutes for a week to fish and relax what a great time that was. My sons an I have gone back almost every year since to spend as much time as we could, this now includes the grandsons. As far as I know the basic rules have not really changed in all that time. We spent many years hiking up and down the good trail that follows the old railroad bed, now the past 5 years my son has a drift boat so we can join the elite. The rules basicly have been no bait, barbless hooks, no fishing from a floating devise, fish on the indian side only with a indian permit, no camping on the indian side, and keep only 2 fish between 10 and 13 inches. So! this seems to have done very well for the river is wonderfull to fish and only the steelhead and salmon regulation's may change. There is 100 miles of lower river before getting to the dams and most miles are full of fish. There doesn't seem to be a need to fish from a boat you stop where you want to fish and get out and fish. the guides do well and handle multiday trips and get booked up and we still fish the same spots that we've always liked but we can now ride or float down to them and we can camp at our favorite spots if they aren't taken first. thanks for listening. Bob
  15. looking from the outside...

    it seems you all blame others and are more prone to making some excuse or blaming another persons method for the decline in PNW steelhead. It seems a lot of you guys think your doing the right thing and when you think someone is not doing right you guys jump all over them and are quick to blame them for the reason of decline. its seems that a lot of you that really care wish to reach out to the right person to help handle this situation but yet do not do so but in return bitch and moan on this website like its really going to do a damn, this is only the internet!
    You should all blame everything and everyone for the decline and stop trying to single out one select part of the entire situation that's leading or helping in the decline.
    fishing alone is killing fish! it doesn't matter if its from a boat, shore, or wading. if your trying to catch a fish you are limiting its chance of survival to make more fish.

    if you people really love steelheading so much then STOP! Are you guys lacking the brains that much to figure this out? stop blaming commercial and tribal fishing, stop blaming boats, stop blaming it all and blame yourself. you people can not honestly say that if you have a line or net in the water that your doing any fish any good, the only thing your doing is helping yourself.
    guides......if you care so much then guide for free, prove that its not about the DOLLAR and that its about the fish! Guides do nothing but exploit fish and sacrifice their well being for some fools lack of knowledge and skill just to make a dollar. Gudies will use the simplest and easiest means to do so even if it means catching the last fish out of the last river. tools tools tools...what the fuck ever man??? matter what tool your using your using it to cause harm and not help. you say its a ways of making a living? find another way to make a living besides being one of the reason for the decline of steelhead.
    everyone can say what they want to me and you can say it as many times as you want but if we continue to fish for steelhead we are by no means helping to rebuild what we use to have.

    all i see on this site is blame blame blame. to be perfectly honest this is mans fault! greed! greed! and greed! a lot of people fish for steelhead just because it gives you a sense of having larger balls because someone else said it was cool to catch a steelhead! you really think that wading in strong current, cold water, fishing for a fish that is supposable a bitch to catch, and telling everyone about it is actually cool? why don't you tell everyone that you went out and fished for a fish that is on the ESA, caught one and released it, and somehow explain that you caused the fish absolutely no harm and that your 10000000000% sure that the fish is still alive and will continue to spawn to make more steelhead. time your on a river fishing for steelhead and you complain about the crowd and the lack or fish, realize your just another person adding to the crowd.

    no matter what, if you want steelhead to survive why don't you leave them alone all together? if you really do truly care why don't you just really do everything you can to help and just stop pursuing them? fuck what someone else says or does including the law. stop blaming the law, even if the law says its legal to fish for steelhead doesn't mean its right.

    If a steelhead could speak would they call us fisherman friends or enemies?
  16. I don't believe that I have read so much about something that can't be changed. You ban boats and you take the livelyhood away from many guides. Jobs are hard enough to come by now a days.

    Does this subject come up on gear sites or is everybody just talking about it here. Flyfisherman are just a tip on a pin as far as numbers go. You need to reach more than just the few here to get anything going.
  17. Daniel Nelson, I think you've nailed this one on the head with great clarity (despite your anger).

    I stopped fishing for steelhead years ago because I could see the populations in our rivers plummeting, and I just couldn't stomach chasing a fish population in such a delicate state of endangerment. It's just too bad the state hasn't clamped down on all of the many ways steelhead and salmon are pressured, as has been suggested in this thread and others. It's really sad.
  18. Daniel,
    I agree.

    And before everyone jumps all over the 3 of us (Lugan included)
    Think about this.

    I do not fish for steelhead for this reason. I do not fish for declining runs of salmon in the sound for this reason. Many of you know I propose the closure of the sound to fishinng for everyone for a year or two to watch what happens.

    I moved to Seattle from Kentucky in 1992. I fell in love with the fact that you could fish for blackmouth and silvers in Puget sound, I caught alot of fish and enjoyed the fishery. In the mid 1990's when I started reading about the loss of fish, the escapement issues and the fighting over who was gonna "get theirs" I quit.

    I know that most all of you love fishing and love steelhead. Sometimes we can love something to death. It is not a radical thought that has been proposed.

  19. Old Man, just because fishing from boats to put clients into fish makes their jobs easier, does not mean that they could no longer guide on foot, or take a boat from place to place and wade fish.

    Just because there is a possibility of job loss is no reason to continue exploiting the last of a resource! Should we allow the timber companies to log where ever they want because it creates jobs? Should we allow mining where ever they want because it creates jobs? I know it is tough economic times, but we shouldn't turn away from conservation proposals without considering there benefits too. This is just another example of a "I am going to get mine before it is gone" attitude. I am certainly not blaming guides and regular folks who fish from a boat as the reason to the decline. However since the stocks are obviously struggling, limiting our impact on the fishery without cutting down on the number of days you could enjoy on the river and the great outdoors this seems like a logical proposal. Everyone wants to blame everyone else, but this is something the sporting community could tackle.

    If you want to bitch and bitch about Boldt, that is fine, but to use that as an excuse to not take other conservation steps is ridiculous.

    An example: Lets say hypothetically that the Skagit rules were either going to change to it being open all of December, but that is it. You can use bait, trebbles, fish from boats, etc. Or the river could be open like it was last year, to the end of April, but fly-fisherman had to use floating lines. You could use weighted flies, but you couldn't use weighted lines. Even though it would be more difficult to catch winter steelhead this way I would surely choose this option over the one month free-for-all. maybe that is just me, but with the growing population we sportsmen will eventually have to limit our own fishing impacts (success) in order to preserve the fisheries we currently enjoy. Sure we could wait for WDFW to deal with it, but they are far more likely to close it down completely.

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