Ban On Steelhead Fishing From Boats?

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Bob Triggs, Oct 28, 2009.

  1. I would tailor that. What needs to be done is what I have suggested before. Select a certain # of rivers designated to no bait and no boats. Pick lets say 5 rivers on the west side for this and see where it goes !! See if it makes a difference over a set period of time.
  2. Lets talk about wade fishing. In wade fishing you can only go so far and then you have to go look for another place to wade fish. If boats weren't used there would be no place to wade fish becaue the land owners would close down their propery because of too much garbage left behind from all the people trying to get to one little gravel bar on the river.

    Like how about that place that was open on the main Stilly a few years ago. Because of all the garbage left behind and the fires that were built on the river bar, the farmer closed it down. It was a good place to fish for pinks from. And now that mile of gravel is closed.

    I have fished these Washington water and have seen many changes in the woods because of all the garbage being dumped there. I guess that there isn't any clean people left in this world.

  3. OMJ,
    I don't think Bob's suggestion was to ban floating down rivers in boats, it was a ban on fishing from boats. Could be wrong, but I think that was his intent.
  4. Jim, NO ONE is proposing that you could not use your boat to get to certain runs etc. IT has been stated over and over again that this talk is about fishing from a moving boat. If it is a navigable river then you have legal access to the river below the mean high water mark. If it is not a navigable river than I doubt you would be using a BOAT to fish from on the move.
  5. I smell PETA... Are you a fisherman or do you just like to participate in forums for which you don't actually partake in the activity? Sounds like you've done your part by giving up fishing, we thank you for that;)
  6. Just to clarify FreeStone...

    I fish for SRC (alot on Vashon) and also fished for Pinks this fall. I fish a lot of lakes and rivers in Washington, Oregon, Idaho and BC...I do not have any problem with fishing or hunting at all...but as we have destroyed habitat, and the resource over the past 200 years I think it is ok to consider trying to stop that type of progress from happening again if we can.
  7. dude i live in a state where i have to drive 3 hours to fish for GL steelhead and salmon, and the nearest trout stream is 1.5 hours away. to say the least i put around 7,000-10,000 miles on just my wifes subaru fishing this year. i have no idea how much i put on my jeep. i sleep in parking lots and under the stars in sometimes 10-20 degree minnesota weather just to afford the gas to be able to get to the fish i love to fish for. this doesnt include all the warm water fishing i do when i can't afford to fish salmonoids...oh and i live a block away from Lake Minnesota, a top ten bass and muskie lake. plus i'm still trying to catch up on the mortgage becuase i may have fished a little too much this summer, probably shouldn't have flown out to washington to fish 3 weeks ago either. i have sold all my music equipment, all my duck, goose, and upland bird hunting gear, all my old spin casting gear, and my fishing boat just to have more money to fish for the fish i love. Yes, i sold my fishing boat and bought a float tube just so i could eliminate a monthly payment to fish more, even though i now have to work alot harder to get to the better spots on the local lakes.

    so whats up now freestone? You still smelling PETA or are you smelling those bullshit thoughts coming out of your "lack of knowledge" brain. When i say "lack of knowledge" i'm not calling you stupid, im telling you to learn a little bit more about someone else before you say something about somebody that you know absolutely nothing about!

    once again this thread is about everyones thoughts on banning steelhead fishing from boats. i think that alot of things we say or do is just putting the blame on someone else and not having the balls to realize that we are part of the problem. A lot of people believe that the way they fish is the right way and that everyone else fishes the wrong way and that they are the reason or part of the reason in the decline. Once again I will say , if you are targeting a fish with a very very low population what good are you doing to help keep it around? we are essentially sucker punching or kicking the fish when its down and at its weakest.
    and like i said earlier.....if a steelhead could speak would they call us a friend or an enemy?
  8. Too Much,,,, I would love to reduce my boat use, but would have trouble getting clients into fish for some of them, you know not everybody can wade so well and swinging the fly with a spey is not for everyone. I'm sure Mr. Triggs himself will understand this.
    The idea of a statewide closure just does not seem realistic, boat builders, guides, fishermen themselves would protest somewhat. I DO LIKE THE IDEA OF STRECHES OF RIVERS CLOSED TO FISHING FROM BOATS OR USE OF PERIOD.
  9. Yea never is a strong word, just like STATEWIDE,,,did they actually tear down those dams,,,last I looked they where still there, may be by the time they are gone boats will be banned eh!
    15 or 20 maybe I'll last that long, probably need a boat to fish then,,, so I guess I'm F#@*^ed. Good to hear from you Ryan, see ya on the Met someday.
  10. so, once again, go fish the big D in oregon. did you have a 'quality' experience on that river? and now, no fishing from a boat from dabney down to oxbow on the sandy. the power line crossing below oxbow used to be the demark line, now its way up river. do you suppose it will be a 'quality' experience now on the sandy?? what it does is eliminate the plug pullers from waters that are mostly, but not completely, wadable. getting on the water from dabney to oxbow without a floating device is next to impossible given the private land and very high banks. nonetheless, and for whatever reason, you now must get out and wade.

    the folks who 'can't cast' are now limited to the lower river where the plug pulling and side planning has been going on for decades now. for me, i would much prefer the upper stretches and getting out on the gravel bars and casting. and just like the big D, there are now going to be long stretches of river that are not reachable by the casting angler and as a result will, just as it has on the big D, provide sanctuary for fish from the pressure you and i can place on them.

    that is, IMHO, what this arguement is all about. boat as transport, not fishing platform. pretty simple and on at least 2 oregon rivers the law at this point. why don't you doubters take a trip south, hire a guide from the shop in welches and drive dabney to oxbow and report.

    and all you hard boat owners, i would advise you not to try this stretch of river. several very skilled and well know guides have sunk multiple hard boats in this water. it is technical and difficult unless you have been through it many, many times. i find that water to be more difficult than almost all the rapids on the big D. caution, now go have a quality fishing experience.
  11. You west side guys really know how to rant! I feel sorry for you and your river conditions over there. Too many people.

    Just for laughs, go back and read the posts - ignoring the content. Seriously, haven't laughed that hard in awile. :thumb:
    Members true colors show, good or bad, when a subject like this arises.

    Just remember: It's alllways better to be thought a fool, then to speak and reveal it.
  12. Oldskool,

    Always has one "L".


    I hope to run into you sometime. I am sure it is only a matter of time!
  13. Sorry, my badd. Hey Ryan, read that last line again. :rofl:
  14. I gettin to where I'm glad that I moved to Montana. It's just to damn crowded to fish in Washington State. And now everybody wants to change the way everybodys been fishing to their way of thinking.

    I think that in my previos posts I deduced that in the end people were talking about not using boats. But when you get older type people out there trying to fish, a boat is about the only way they can fish. I for one can't wade fish anymore so I usuallly park myself at a boat launch and fish away. But I can do that in Montana as there just ain't that many people here. Well they are here in the summer time. I sure get glad when when fall arives. No more out-of-staters.


    P.S. I will now shut my mouth about this shit.
  15. If Steelhead could speak? :rofl::rofl::rofl:

    Man, I don't know about anyone else, but I guarentee you'll find me in my garage zapping a steelhead that's tied to a chair with electrodes hooked up to its nipples until it tells me where it's friends are hiding and what their favorite fly is. :rofl:

    Look out talking steelhead! You'll be praying for a vacation to gitmo. :rofl:
  17. Sweet Jesus......

    I go on a 5 day fishing bender and come back to this.
  18. Welcome home.
  19. This guy has my vote....oh and throw in the ban on nymphing for steelhead, swinging ESL's, swinging tandem flies., Oh and the color purple. Holy shit.
  20. Just your run-of-the-mill conspiracy theorist. Assumes that anyone who doesn't agree with the prevailing point of view must have swallowed the kool-aid. :hmmm:

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