Banff - Lake Loiuse?

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by bucksnort, Jul 17, 2007.

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    Are there any shops/guides available in the Banff/Lake Louise area? I'm heading up to that part of Canada and would like to fish for a day or two. Thanks in advance......
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    Hi Bucksnort,

    My wife and I spent a week in that area last August, biking, hiking, and fishing. From what I was told, there isn't much good fishing in the park, too much silt, cold water, etc. However, the fishing reports that I collected indicated good fishing just outside the park, from Banff through Cranmore and further east.

    If you want to fish in the park, you need a park license. You can purchase one at Castle Junction, just north of the Johnston Canyon campground (probably other places too). You can purchase an Alberta license at the True-Value Hardware store off Bear St. in Banff. There is also a good sporting-goods store (don't remember the name) on the main drag in Banff which had a nice flyfishing section and the employee I talked to offered useful advice. Wapiti Sports in Canmore (just east of Banff) is a full-service fly shop. While I was in there trolling for info and a few hot flies, several out of town folks came in to arrange a float trip. I was told by the shop owner that there was good fishing wherevery you had river access from Cranmore downstream.

    For my fishing fix, we ended up camping at the Bow Valley Widllands Provincial Park, about a half hour from Canmore. I fished just upstream from a railroad trestle which crosses the Bow. The river widens out and is split by a large island. After a few frustrating hours trying to figure things out, I started to get into 8-10" browns (up to 13") on a white-winged Royal Wolff.

    Good luck,

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    ..and being so close (and it is my old home town)... I'd drive the hour or so east and hit the Bow River downstream of Calgary ....

    There is also the Kananaskis River and Lakes east of Banff - lots of fun there.

    There is also the Elbow River east of Banff ... fish around and upstream from Bragg Creek.

    My thoughts ..
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    Beautiful area! Busy in summer. Watch out for the moose on your backcast!
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    Watch out for assholes from Saskatchewan stopping in the middle of the highway after a blind corner to look at a stupid black bear on the shoulder too.
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