Banks Lake - worth fishing?

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by dp, Jul 24, 2007.

  1. the family is camping on the north end of Banks this weekend (Sun Banks Resort). Is it worth bringing a fly rod? I know the lake has a great population of bass, walleye, carp and trout, but can I target them from the banks?
    Otherwise I may just bring the gear poles and night crawlers.
    I plan to visit Rocky Ford on the way there as well.
    Any advise is appreciated.

  2. Was just at Banks and wish I brought the gammit, given I had a boat and the kids. Sounds like you're without boat, but I'd still bring everything.

    Bring a healthy supply of bug juice as the skeeters are whoop'n ass and take'n names over there right now. We stayed at Steamboat Rock where they were spraying every couple days and it didn't seam to be enough.
  3. thanks for the advise on the bug spray Chris - will have plenty on hand. I am camping with a group and it sounds like there are 3 ski boats, so a boat is an option - just not a pontoon boat. People in the group (fellow softball players) would try to swamp me if I was on my toon.
    For carp - what fly looks like a glob of bread?

  4. You might try driving to the Elmer City launch on the Columbia...there is a rocky wing dam at the launch and some bank access that should give you a pretty fair shot at trout...and there are some decent trout in that stretch of river. For that matter, the tailrace from Grand Coulee should have some trout in it as well.
  5. i've targeted them from the bank, just find a rocky area and their will usually be some smallmouths. It seems i caught most of mine on wooley buggers.

  6. Absolutly bring your fly rod! Get up very early and cast all things clouser. Brown and orange is the ticket. I love fishing that lake. It getts a lot of flack and has been labeled a bass lake, but there are kokes and monster Bows near shore before sunrise, croppie and smallies the and Mammouth Walleye just over the dropoffs at night. Fishing from shore during the day generally isn't very productive unless you can find an area of water that is shaded.
  7. Don't forget the Banjo Minnows...;)
  8. I think I'll be there maybe Saturday night. I'll be in the Big Red Raft !!
  9. i wouldn't fish too much there around the resort, just isn't much around there. if you head south a bit, you have basically unlimited bank access, and a lot of really good areas to try out for all species. personally, i'd head over to lake roosevelt. there's a cove that comes in called Eden's Harbor there about 1-2mi above the grand coulee dam. should be able to find it on a map. i've caught many a 5lb+ trout there on a fly rod, granted it was usually in october, but they're there. it's also excellent for bass this time of year there.
  10. You have some good shore and wading areas on Osborne Bay, Jones Bay, Punch Bowl, the Poplars. Sun Banks is on Osborne, try the south side out towards the mouth. Unlimited fishing areas within 3-5 miles, definitely bring your fly rod, also probably light spinning gear w/ jigs. Bring waders or else wet wade, water temps. have been in the 70's.
  11. why don't you haul your boat over Pardo? don't you have a little aluminum job???

    You talk to Hob since he moved to the desert yet?
  12. thanks for all the info guys. Rods will definitely be packed. They may come out, they may not. It all depends on if I get over served each night. Also, need to stay close and be "family dad" and not go off exploring.

    Kevin - we are a group camping on one of the points. We will be the loud ones at night probably. the coach typically starts a peanut fight. That is about the time the mom's take the kids to the tents for the evening and then us adults start being kids...
    I'll look for the big red raft though.

    Noah - no room for a boat on this trip. It's a dead give away that I will be off fishing somewhere.


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