Banks Lake

Discussion in 'Trip Reports with Pics' started by Salmon Candy, May 18, 2005.

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    Several members of the Northwest Fly Anglers fished Banks Lake Saturday, May 14 in the sun, then wind, then hellacious rain squall which beat the water to a froth, then calm. We caught largemouth, smallmouth, perch, crappie and three members caught their first carp. The smallmouth ran to 3+ pounds, the carp were big for Banks which has a lot of 6-8 pound fish. These were bigger. The perch were small but how often do you get to catch 5 species in one day on one lake?

    A variety of flies worked-beadhead green woolley bugger, orange bugger, brown marabou BananaRama, chartreuse/black rabbit baitfish. This lake has miles and miles of wadeable shoreline and it is also floattube friendly. A local knowledgeable person is Lou at Coulee Playland-he's a gear fisher but knows where the fish are.

    Banks also has an largely unexplored two-five pound trout fishery which may pique your interest.
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    Man, there goes the neighborhood. Coulee flyfisher is not going to get any sleep tonight.
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    That sounds like a "Fish Story" to me, kind of like the big one that got away !! Seriously, if you can dodge all the bass and walleye boats buzzing around during the many tournaments they have, you may catch a fish or two on the fly. Even if your blowing a little smoke about how great the fishing was, glad you had a good day. Ray, I'll sleep well tonight, I'm going fishing in the morning. Tight lines; <*(( ))><
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    I live locally to Grand Coulee but haven't fished banks lake. I would be fishing from the bank and where and what would you suggest??? Streamers, nymph, emerger??? thanks for the reply in advance,
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    reelguy, fish a a big streamer (sz. 6) with a small soft soft hackle (sz. 12) tied exactly 12.00125 inches behind the streamer. I use olive or white, but you have to play with it. If you have a sink tip line use that with a shorter, stouter 3 ft. leader with about 18 inches of a lighter tippet.
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    having family that origantes from coulee city, i spent much of my young fishing career on this lake. Look for points, drop offs etc. I always had good luck from shore near the end of the lake where the irrigation channel exits. Banks lake is HUGE and AWESOME. If i had gas money, a truck, a power boat, and no job i would hang out there alot.
  7. Snake tryin' not to get too comfortable

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    May 14 was a Wednesday. :ray1:

    We fished Banks on Saturday (May 17), and I caught my first small-mouths on a fly.

    We drove out to the South end of Steamboat, and waded out on the old road bed.

    Lotsa carp, but no takers.

    Hot as hell in the afternoon.

    No free camping anymore, either, even in the dirt spots ya gonna get busted for not droppin' legit and payin' the man.
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    Sweet report, I've been thinking of getting over there to fish.
  9. Snake tryin' not to get too comfortable

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    I guess May 14 was a Saturday. In 2005. I gotta pay more attention.....