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  1. For all you warmwater junkies out there. Banks lake fishing should be the best in thirty odd years this summer. They are planning to draw down the lake thirty feet to work on the dam at the south end of the lake. I was too young to remember, but old timers say the last time they did that it made hundreds of small lakes, trapping mutiple species in these ponds. The fishing was off the charts.
  2. I remember when I was like... 15 or so, they dropped it waaaaaaaaaaaaaay down. Made for some seriously good fishing
  3. Predicted elevations down from full pool:

    By August 15: 1563.0 or 7.0 feet down
    By August 31: 1556.4 or 13.6 feet down
    By September 30: 1543.3 or 26.7 feet down
    By October 31 : 1540.0 or 30.0 feet down
  4. Fishing or shooting fish in a bucket?
  5. The whole south end of the lake's going to be completely empty
  6. Hmmmm !!! I will be living there !!!
  7. I spent alot of time growing up in coulee city, and thats is where my dad was raised.

    this should be cool. I remember stories about when they first filled it, and the RATTLESNAKE INVASION
  8. I gotta get back there one of these days... Pulled a 13.9lb walleye out of there many years ago!
  9. I'm wondering about the boat ramps and whether this might cut down on the number of trailered boats on the lake. Might be a cartoppers delight!
  10. float tube. i know where i will be camping/rock climbing late sep/early oct.

    mybe a great chance to have a gathering?

    I know some nice places to camp out there and there is gonna be epic fishing if it is really 30ft lower. ALOT of the lake will go away.
  11. Thanks for the heads-up. I fish Banks in the Summer for bass and walleye. Have to pay attention this year
  12. note to self... visit washington this fall...

    is Banks the one rocky ford flows into? with the drawdown it could make some interesting lower RF brown fishing no?
  13. No. Banks is north of Rocky Ford above Dry Falls, etc. It's formed by water pumped up from Lake Roosevelt and its outflow irrigates NCW.
  14. ohh its Moses lake
  15. Just a thought, but will this drawdown negetively impact the the lower lakes? Dry Falls Lenore etc? Any thoughts or observations?
  16. It's starting. Six inches a day. 15 feet by the end of the month. I wonder where all those big fish are going to go by the end of September. From some of the local old-timers, it sounds like when it gets that low it creates hundreds of small lakes, with large numbers of fish concentrated in each one. The whole local fishing community is holding it's collective breath.
    I bet it might be possible for good fly fishing for trout by then. The water will be so low and warm I'm going to be looking for them holding at spring entrances.
  17. Banks lake is very deep. My fishfinder shows depths of 70' plus, so a 30' drop will still leave lots of water. Also, there will be restrictions on access over the exposed lake bed. I read that a boat ramp at the north end will still operate but you will need 4 wheel drive to reach the water across the muddy lake bed without sinking. There is a website with more info but I can't remember where I saw it, but you should be able to find it using a Google Search.
  18. float tubes will be viable.

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