banning commercial fishing???

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  1. Allen,
    The Orca listing my limit sportsmen and commercial fisherman, but I doubt it would have any effect on tribal fisheries. If you recall, the Makah tribe won the right to harvest protected Gray Whales.
    GT brings up a great point regarding this listing. It will be interesting to see how this listing plays out and it's effect on our fisheries.
  2. Exactly my point Stonefish. I was responding partically in reponse to gt's post suggesting takeing a new look at gillnetting. But I think it means taking a look at more that just gillnetting. I don't think the Native American harvest would be touched. They'll get their half no matter what. If the rest of us now need to compete with Orca, then there is the potential that some of us get squeezed off the bottom, or at least all of us get severely squeezed.

  3. Allen,
    No harm intended. I believe we are on the same page regarding this. Your previous post mention the following -
    "I worry that it would severely limit all user groups including sport anglers, commercial fishermen, and native american".
    I was just making the point that the Orca ESA listing could likely effect sportsmen and commercials, but not the tribes.
    Tight Lines,
  4. Ah yes, Stonefish. I see how my wording may have been a bit off. And yes, I think we're on the same page here.

    I do think that we need to focus on better management of the fishery itself as well as better habitat management ... meaning better science to help guide the management choices being made. Those choices leading to more fish for all the groups involved: native american, commercial, sporties, and orcas. Hopefuly, what's good for one group would be good for all groups and not focused solely on the individual.

  5. An ESA listing will also affect tribal fisheries. Habitat loss, and to a lesser degree ocean harvest north of Washington play far bigger in the grand scheme of things.
  6. If I am not mistaken don't guide services and sport fishing charters require a commercial fishing lic. ?
  7. I say we just let the shi@## rest for a few years...come back and see what we have,,, if it's great let's all enjoy the fruits of great fishing again.... Offcourse we'll just kill them off if we bring back the nets....
    The king salmon should be on the dollar bill..a symbol of what the mighty dollar killed off... amen Brothas
  8. someone correct me if i am wrong about this:

    - you can still be licensed as a salmon guide in WA for inland waters
    - to legally guide on the salt, your boat also has to be licensed for salmon fishing. no additional licenses are being issued. you may, however, purchase a licensed boat or pay the seller what they ask, they are transferable.

    i believe this is correct so the netsum here is there are no new saltwater licensed operations happenning.
  9. gt; This is correct: in saltwater sports fishing charters here in Washington they are a limited entry fishery with no "new" lisences available- you have to buy a lisence from someone who already owns it.

    Freshwater Salmon guides get a lisence each year, either as a new lisence or as a renewal.

    They should create a catch and release lisence.
  10. They should create a catch and release lisence.[/QUOTE]

    Then that needs to be for gear and fly fishers only.
    Is it not true that fish cought on bait have a greater chance of dying?
  11. Follow Canada's Example of letting it rest an then catch and release only. Period.
  12. Tell me more about "Canada's Example".

    BTW, it still doesn't address the habitat issues.

  13. I believe that to legally guide on salt water the boat owner needs to have a Captain certification issued only after completing a Coast Guard School successfully. I know that Captain Keith Robbins (Spotail Guide Service) is licensed. AS I recall he even legally married a couple of friends on his boat.
    For fishing the beach a standard guide license is all that is required. Price is listed under commercial license on the WDFW website.
    Good Fishing,
    Les Johnson
  14. not quite correct les. no new licenses for salt water salmon boats are being issued, period. so even though you can get WDFW to issue you a license, you would only be able to guide from the bank. if you guide saltwater salmon from a boat, you need a license which is no longer issued. there is apparently a fixed number of these so the only way to proceed is to buy a licensed boat or purchase a boat license from someone willing to sell, probably for your first born :p

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