WTB Barbie spinning combo

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Danielocean, Nov 13, 2013.

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  1. Looking for a barbie spinning combo, bobbers, eagle claw hooks, and night crawlers. This may be the only way I catch a fucking steelhead.
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  2. I have a sponge bob spin combo with treble hooks, sponge bob bobbers, salmon eggs, and I'd even throw some power bait. Unfortunately it's not exactly what you are looking for so it probably won't work for you.

    Just kidding man. Good luck
  3. I know for a fact that Barbie rods murder shad.
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  4. Oh you mean like this?

    Or maybe this...

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  5. No barbie, just spiderman.
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  6. can you throw a centerpin on one?
  7. Can confirm
    WP_20130614_002.jpg V__0636.jpg
  8. I found one on the Yakima..make me an offer.
  9. Hit the Bogey on Friday Dec 6th to see how to get it done on a Barbie rod.
    Just watch out for flying potatoes.
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  10. While I'd never pull my boat over there for that weekend again, just the idea of a bunch of dudes limiting on steelhead on Barbie poles while drunk and shooting each other with potato canons is funny as shit. All while a good portion of the fly fishing community is struggling to get their first fish.
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  11. That's combat fishing at it's finest,... and it's for a good cause.
  12. My brother and I were camping at a super remote Ferry county lake many years ago. The only other campers were a guy and his six year old daughter. We planned to fish the next morning, but noticed the duo fishing off the makeshift dock well after dark. We wandered over to check it out. Night fishing had never entered my mind. At that age nighttime was all about drinking around the campfire. As we were standing there talking the girl tells her dad she snagged bottom and starts yanking on the little rod. Suddenly her reel is shrieking and we all realize it's a fish at the same time. The kid fights this fish for a good fifteen minutes(with a little help from her dad). I witnessed the biggest brown trout I've ever seen landed in wa that night be brought in by a little girl with a frickin barbie pole. It weighed right at twelve pounds.
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