Basin Lake Report - What is it with some people?

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Mike, Mar 23, 2009.

  1. Last Saturday I fished a Basin lake with about 20 of my best friends.



    I fished from around 1100 to 1400. Fishing was slow with 3 fish on and two landed. One was on a chronie and the other on a tan leech. The fish taking the leech was a brood stock with worn fins courtesy of Trout Lodge. Despite her handicap she played really well.


    Weather was overcast with little wind. Both the air and water temperatures were around 50 degrees. I understand that fishing was slow the day before as well (Friday), but that earlier in the week fishing had been good to excellent.

    Rhetorical question here. WDFW has posted four signs stating “No Unauthorized Vehicles Beyond This Point” between the parking lot and the lake. Most people go to great lengths to rig up and walk their crafts into the lake.


    Yet some folks drive right on in and launch/retrieve their boats.


    The launch area is a sloppy mess and scarred by tire tracks.


    This is not a pristine area by any means, but WDFW has gone to pains and our expense asking folks not to drive in there. Besides general laziness, the desire to fish in too large a boat, or a total disregard, why do people do this?

  2. I was at that same lake Thursday and a guide and a couple clients in a drift boat came ripping past as we were fishing the main lake. One of my partners asked if they carried the boat to the landing, and the guide replied that he'd trailered it in. Midafternoon, an enforcement officer appeared at the NE bay and called the guide over for a long and often animated talk. Not sure if the guide was cited but he shoould have been.

  3. Max:

    A couple words come to my mind for people that ignore the signs / rules. Typical situation where a VERY small precentage can screw up a fishery for all of us...... Kent, I sure hope the guide was cited - they should lead by example.

  4. That same guide outfit is a sponsor on and has a plug on their website for guided fishing on this lake. This lake doesn't need the added pressure or the thrashing of the launch for the sake of making a buck. Regs are easy to read and obey or else ruin it for the rest of us!
  5. Unfortunately the only way to prevent this is to actually put in a gate that will physically block access. Every time I help someone lift a pontoon boat over the gate at Lenice I am reminded of the silly things we have to put up with thanks to knuckleheads like your GMC friend.

    Thanks for the report- I was thinking of hitting this lake on the weekend. Maybe I'll bring some large boulders with me...
  6. Not sure who you're referring to (and not sure I want to know) but I couldn't agree more. It's one thing to fish a drift boat on the Yak and another to trailer it in and launch on a fragile lake shore that it turns to mush in the process. I'm sure the enforcement officer's talk with him cured future actions, but he's far from the only one to do so as the picture above confirms.

    I was thinking the same thing. Shouldn't be too difficult to install a tube steel gate like the one that blocks the road eastbound from the parking lot. It'd be easy for the tubers and 'tooners to get their boats over it. If a boat is too heavy or bulky to get over the gate, then it's too damned big for the lake.

  7. There is a place I go that has a set of poles planted to prevent vehicles from driving down to the water. My new too is too damn wide to fit through, so I have to tilt it or bring it down partially deflated so that I can squeeze it through. I've asked for a key from the caretaker but thus far have not heard back from the club that maintains that place. I'm a member of their club too. Disappointing that I've not heard from them. Disappointing that others won't observe the ________ (insert the word of preference here: Signs, rules, restrictions, regulations, law, etc.) Seems unfortunate, but happens everwhere.
  8. To answer Kent's question go to:

  9. Kent, your suggestion of adding the tube steel gate is good but it will limit the access for guys rolling 8' prams on dollys. When I first saw their 15' Hyde 2 weeks ago on that little lake, I was a little surprised. I could see where they had dropped it off at the highest point in the hill and then dragged it across the sand, there was white bottom paint and one could easily see the bottom of what appeared to be a drift boat. Low and behold, when I'd rowed over, there she was a Green and white Hyde. As the days progressed and they fished it more, looks like they got lazy and decided to ignore the rules when their 400 lb boat got too heavy to drag across the sand. Im done fishing that lake for the season, looks like it got spoiled really quick, and I'll move onto the April 1st opener for some other lakes.
  10. This guide also had the annoying habit of moving in on top of people in tubes that were catching fish. In one instance, by the time I had finished landing a fish a small distance from where I originally hooked it they were on top of that spot flailing away.

    All in all, very shameful behavior for a 'professional' guide 'teaching' people how to fish.

  11. I've put my money where my mouth is and sent the email below to Jeff Korth, the WDFW fish biologist based in Ephrata. The lake in question falls under his jurisdiction. I've edited the message to remove mention of the lake on this forum.

    If you agree, please send a similar message (don't just copy mine please!) to


    Hi Jeff,

    We've corresponded in the past regarding some of the lakes you manage. I'm sure this doesn't fall under your area of responsibility but I'm hoping you'll pass the message below along to the appropriate people in your organization for possible action.

    Having fished [blank] Lake just last Thursday, it's become obvious that far too many individuals are are choosing to disregard the No Unauthorized Vehicles Allowed sign posted at the entry leading to the launch area from the parking lot. As a result, folks who are trailer-launching larger craft or are simply driving to the area to launch smaller ones have turned the launch area into a muddy mess.

    In hopes that these careless few won't ruin the experience for the rest of us who do follow the rules, may I suggest that you consider installing a lockable steel gate at that entrance?

    Doing so would allow continued access for folks using small craft but prevent vehicular access by those who are hell-bent on using larger craft that require a trailer to launch and thus minimizing the continued destruction of the shoreline at the launch area.

    Thanks for listening and also for all your help in keeping [blank] and other lakes in your area so attractive and rewarding for fishermen. Speaking for all my friends who fish that area, we sincerely appreciate your efforts.

    Best regards,

    Kent Lufkin
  12. I understand your reluctance to endorse the gate. But it's becoming obvious that not everyone plays by the same rules you and I do. Short of posting a guard at the gate to turn away vehicles, the current sign simply isn't deterring those who choose to look the other way when driving through the gate.

    With all due respect, I have used a wheel to haul my pontoon boat as well as my old Jon boat over the gate at Lenice (before the barbed wire fence was breeched and trampled.) As such I'm convinced that while it's a bit less convenient, the results of keeping vehicles out of the launch area will be appreciated by all who fish there.

  13. Thanks - I think. The driving rock & roll sound track tells me all I need to know about their preservation ethic.


  14. I was planning on hitting this lake on thursday, But from the looks of it no way.Kent thank you for sending the letter. I have done the same and also asked them to consider placing on e on the access road to Nunnally as way to many poachers drive up and fish the lake and outlet stream.
  15. A thick locking cable drawn across would suffice, lose enough to lift to clear those dollied boats, but tight enough to limit auto traffic.
  16. Earlier I sent the Ephrata Regional office a note as well. I also sent them the photos with the license plate number. Maybe they will give the guy a call.

    From: Team Ephrata (DFW) []
    Sent: Monday, March 23, 2009 12:13 PM
    To: Max
    Subject: RE: Lake

    Thank you for your concerns and contacting Team Ephrata. I have forwarded your email to our enforcement that covers Lake.

    Team Ephrata
  17. There are also planing of posts at intervals that permit small craft like Paul's pram but not vehicles. A location I find relaxing uses these at 60" wide. My new pontoon can't pass straight through because of it's side by side dual pontoon shape. I have to cant it or deflate it partially to sqeeze through. The posts are planted in sleeves and locked down. This idea should be cheaper than a gate.
  18. Every time I've fished Beda I've seen
    people drive right down to the water
    and launch... Once that mud gets mushed
    down its slicker than snot.
  19. I have fished the above lake and the first time I carried my boat in but after I saw someone drive right to the put in I have done the same.
    I have never seen the kind of mess you took pictures of and everyone I saw drive in was very careful not to spin a tire.
    Very sad to see this lake get abused.
    I was planning on fishing there soon, with my boat (thank goodness it's not heavy so I can walk it in, other wise I'll being the canoe.
  20. I've witnessed the launch abuse as well, but I've always been more concerned with the amount of poaching that occurs at this lake. I generally visit this lake a few days every spring and always end up making a call to report poachers. I beleive this lake is to be rehabilitated this year after being postponed from last fall. Is this still the case?


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