Basin Lake Report - What is it with some people?

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Mike, Mar 23, 2009.

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    I have a different spin on this subject that may be worth considering.

    I fished that particular lake on Saturday and the previous Friday. All the boat folks I saw, including myself and my fishing partner, drug our prams to the lake shore. I did see one group (Flyguide Mike) in a drift boat who rolled their boat/trailer to launch and then returned the trailer to the parking lot after launching. They completely obeyed the rules. On a different day, one party left the trailer at the launch and my partner and I questioned whether that would be considered an "unauthorized vehicle"?

    I was surprised to see the number larger boats on the water. Most folks followed the rules, which required considerable effort to get their boats in. I didn't see any wardens giving tickets but then again, I was concentrating on fishing. :thumb:

    I wonder if handicapped folks are able to obtain a special permit to drive past areas with these signs?

    Regardless, since I fish out of my pram 95% of the time when lake fishing, I'm sorry to not have more trophy rainbow managed lakes (single barbless hooks, no bait, etc.) with an actual launch. The only one I can think of in Grant/Adams counties is Dry Falls. 10 to 15 years ago belly boats/float tubes were very popular. Then kickboats appeared on the scene as people discovered the advantages of them. Now I see more boats/prams being used than ever. It would be nice to have more than one lake with an actual launch managed for trophy rainbows. I'd like to see WDFW provide access to more of these lakes. I don't mind working a bit to launch my pram but I find myself fishing lakes with more standard regulations because they have a launch readily available.

    Maybe I'll forward my response to Korth just to let him know that while I agree, many lakes should be off limits to vehicles, there are many different types of fishers and WDFW has the reponsibility to address the concerns of ALL fishers.

    And besides, no sense going back there this year anyway. Didn't you see all the winterkill fish in the shallows? The remaining fish will have been caught and released so many times by the end of the month, it won't be worth fishing.
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    I have fished the above lake and the first time I carried my boat in but after I saw someone drive right to the put in I have done the same.
    I have never seen the kind of mess you took pictures of and everyone I saw drive in was very careful not to spin a tire.
    Very sad to see this lake get abused.
    I was planning on fishing there soon, with my boat (thank goodness it's not heavy so I can walk it in, other wise I'll being the canoe.
    Has anyone fished any of the other lakes that are out there? (longer walk)
    I like to upland hunt the area and there is a lot of water out there.
    Never have seen active fish.
    PM me if you don't want the rest of the world to know.
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    My name is Mike and I am the guide that you are talking about. And I would like to clear a few things up, First of all I am a full time fly fishing guide and I have been so for a few years now. And I would not jepordize my guide license doing anything Illegal. I never drove past the signs down to the lake, The first day we went in myself and another guide pushed the drift boat in on the sand, And that was a pain so when we left that evening I unhooked my trailer from my truck and wheeled it in by hand put the boat on the trailer and pulled it out. By hand And then the next time we were out there I unhooked the trailer and boat from the truck and wheeled it in on the trailer by hand and did so every time I was out there. the last day I was out there which was last thursday I did have 2 clients out there with me and the only reason I took them to this lake was because they were from colorado and they were fishing 3 days with me So I thought that they might like to experience something different than the yak all 3 days. And with them being from Colorado the chances that they are going to come back and fish it on their own are pretty slim. I also have 2 seperate witnesses Besides my clients that watched me drag my trailer in on that day, So I do not know who called the fish and game, but I presume it was the person that asked me if i carried the boat all the way in as I was rowing out on the lake on that day and I do remember that person asking me and if I knew that he was going to call the wdfw I guess I would have been a little more detailed when I answered him. And yes the warden did come out and talk to me. He was a very nice guy he basically said that someone called me in saying that I drove all the way back to the lake and after a brief discussion with him and explaining that the tire tracks that he saw were from my trailer. He basically said that he just needed to get both sides of the story. And he told me to have a nice day And I was not cited because I had not done anything wrong. I also wanted to say thanks to (bdd) for stepping up and saying that he saw me drag my boat and trailer in there that was cool of him. And as far as Tim Cottage saying that I would row on top of his water I do not recall that happening It is a small lake and there was alot of boats out there. But I want to personally apologize to Tim Cottage if feels that way. And lastly I just wanted to say thanks for everyone taking the time to read this. I just wanted to clear my name once and for all I was kind of getting bashed on pretty hard there for no reason. And if anyone has any questions please email me I will be happy to answer them.

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    Fellow Board Members: I just wanted to let everyone know I have known Mike for several years. He is an honest, hardworking, environmentally conscious individual who I have seen on many occasions picking up trash, helping others on the river and being a good guy in general. I have floated the same section of river with Mike dozens of times and he always shows good boating ethics. When Mike tells you this is the way it is, I would stake my life that this is fact! Gate or no gate, is one issue - how to handle access to the lake should not be confused with trashing this good individual's name or the shop he works for.


    Bill Dodd

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    I would love to see this thread disappear as it is in the best interest of the guide and sponsors. You know, just in case someone only reads the first page...
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    I too guide stillwaters and rivers alike and like Mike try to always obey the rules. I've wheeled my driftboat and trailer into the lake in question and have accessed incredible fishing this year.

    I think folks need to keep their rigs behind the "No Unauthorized Vehicles Behind This Sign" postings. I've fished this lake since I was a teenager and dragging a boat or shouldering your floattube etc. has been the norm. I like the difficult access, it's likely one of the reasons this little gem fishes so well. Plus, those triploid are planted heavily at the right size for some sore shoulders and wrists. My casting and fighting arm is still sore.

    Mike, I commend your openness and wish you good fishing. As a community of fisherman, let's err on the side of tolerance moreso and support, especially for folks who during this economic situation, need all the help we can give.
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    I was there that day and Mike's account is precisely what he told me when I asked him, "Did you drag that in here???" I thought it was kinda a weak guiding situation - on a little lake like that - but that's just my not so humble opinion and you can chuck that in the round file if ya like ;) You sure did get your clients into some fish.

    edit: chriminy i gotta finish reading your post before i babble, damn beers... i'm certainly one who asked you as I quoted above but never mentioned calling in, nor did i... just to be clear.

    Damn, the pictures earlier in this thread though of jackasses driving down in there - grrr.

    one more edit, one more thing: great email you sent Kent, 'preciate you doing that - I think [blank] lake would benefit from having some protection from both the bank erosion and the larger craft in general. It really should be a tiny pram/pontoon/tube fishery, it's small and nice.
  8. Kent Lufkin

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    From: "Korth, Jeffrey (DFW)" <>
    To: "Kent Lufkin" <>

    Thanks, Kent. I will 1) see about a gate, and 2) try to get some enforcement down there. - Jeff
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    I appreciate your having the where-with-all to respond openly on a public forum. Although I do have more to say on the subject I do not think it is to anyone's advantage to do so here.
    I will respond to your PM in kind.

  10. Kent Lufkin

    Kent Lufkin Remember when you could remember everything?

    To clarify, by agitating for a gate and stricter enforcement at [blank] Lake, I'm not trying to rain on Mike's or any individual's personal parade. I'm sure Mike's a nice guy in person.

    But the simple fact is that when other fishers on [blank] Lake see someone zipping around warm and dry in a drift boat, it's an easy thing for some to connect the dots and then bring their own drift boats next time instead of freezing their ass off a float tube or pontoon. Whether or not they drive through the gate or push their trailer in and out, it's wheels on the shoreline that cause the damage, motorized or not.

    To point out the obvious, there's no paved boat launch at [blank] Lake. More wheels equals more damage.

  11. Allison

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    May I ask why (almost) everyone on this thread is taking care not to mention this lake? I've been there several times. It's easy to find, and I have no idea what is meant by "difficult access", it's a 5 minute walk from the car, maybe less. Is this place really all that super-sekrit?

    Every time I've been to ____ Lake, I've seen the shoreline beat to crap at the put-in. It seems folks really just don't give a damn about taking care. Unfortunate, but any place in the universe that's easily accessed by cars is going to get beat up. One of the reasons I like to take to the remote corners of the high country.
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    Have to agree this lake is no secret.
    Would prefer to have fly fishermen there than power baiters poaching fish which has been a big problem in the past few years just like at D&^$# lake.

    I was there last Friday in a float tube and yelled at the guy who drove down to the lake
    Do not think he will do it again

    Notice all of the big dead trout on the bottom in the shallow areas of the secret lake
    Winterkill I presume?
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    I was wondering the same about the fish in the shallows... there were a bunch of them. Strange. You may be right about that Ribka, given the shallow water they are in. Oh, to answer your question Allison I'd just say because while it's certainly no secret it's kinda a gem (or could be again) if it remains relatively less known. I've had some really fine times there by myself. It's not always this crowded and ridiculous...
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    The place has gone downhill. Fished it as a kid. I'd rather fish other lakes though, I like fry plants, not truck fresh triploids.
  15. Allison

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    Not a big fan of the Hatchery Brats myself. I'm much more used to fish that grew up in the lakes they now live in, possibly because of my background of fishing the high lakes.
  16. Gary Thompson

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    The comment about the truck fresh trips got me thinking (I know you all were wondering what that burnt smell was).
    Last spring I went up the Fish lake (near Lake Wenatchee) and there were a bunch of dead planters at the Cove launch.
    What happens is the water temps in the truck are much warmer than the lake temps and the fish go into shock and many die.
    I'm wondering if that was the cast at Beda.
    Beda got a plant in late November before freeze up of catchables 8" to 10" were these dead fish bigger than 12"?
  17. Kent Lufkin

    Kent Lufkin Remember when you could remember everything?

    The croakers I saw were substantially larger than 12". If they'd been dead since November their carcasses would most likely not been visible at all. The ones I saw were all in the channel between the launch and the main lake in 6-10 feet of water. Didn't see any in other parts of the lake with similar depth which had me thinking of post-release morbidity as the cause of death.

  18. Gary Thompson

    Gary Thompson dirty dog

    You would think that the guy dumping the fish would try to make some adjustments to water temps to help with survival.
    The plant in November was around on the south side of the lake from the truck tracks I found while hunting.
    I didn't see any dead fish at the release site at that time.
    I wonder if Trout Lodge is using their own truck or if the PUD did the stocking, because I didn't see a stocking report in the WDFW site.
    Always makes me wonder.
  19. Stonefish

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    I'm not a fan of the genetic zombies
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    Beda Beda Beda Beda, there now its public domain within the internet community. Its no secret, but I think folks wanted to keep it low key because sooner or later the word would get out and it'd go to pot. You'll end up there with 30 of of your best friends this weekend. Im moving onto the April 1st opener on some other lakes.