Basin Lake Update--Don't contribute to global warming!!

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by 509, Mar 2, 2009.

  1. Ok, so March 1 came with a cold 45 degree day, complete with clouds and a nice cool breeze.
    So I just drove around and headed back home.

    Lots of people everywhere...with few people fishing due to ice. So here is the official report.

    Stan Coffin....half frozen

    Quincy.........lots of people camping areas were packed, totally frozen. People walking on ice. This one might still be frozen this coming weekend.

    Burke...........partially frozen. Did see one group ice fishing from a boat that they were walking on the ice!!! Lots of folks camping...packed.

    Evergreen.....totally frozen. Nobody fishing on ice.

    Dusty..........partially frozen, lots of cars in the parking lot.

    Martha........No parking available. Looked to be literally thousands of people around the lake.

    Beda..........partially frozen.

    Water temperature for most lakes 32 degrees.

    So there it is. If you want to contribute to global warming...come on over. I am getting tired of these cold springs. The weather forecast is for cloudy weather, with rain showers and temperature only in the 40's for the highs and low 30's for the low. Does not look like this week will warm up at all.
  2. Thanks for doing the leg work.
    I didn't feel like getting out to even look things over.
  3. Thaks for the scouting. At least there is no worry about snakes and ticks.

  4. Yeah, was wondering who had ventured to the basin lakes - thanks for the report. When Spring gets around to kicking into gear there's gonna be some damn hungry fish, can't wait to check it out.
  5. You ought to be in SW Montana. Yesterday it was 54 and today it is 50. Of course all the lakes are still frozen over and along with the skinny water in some places.

  6. anybody have a report on the ice situation in the lenice area?
  7. Fished Lenice yesterday. There was no ice and the lake was not too crowded. In fact it was a very collegial group of dedicated fishermen and women. Everyone was glad to be out on the water and everyone seemed to be catching fish. The water was about 42 degrees and so was the air temp. It got to be a little unpleasant when the rain hit mid afternoon.
  8. It snowed last night here in Ellensburg. I wonder how that affected the Basin Lakes.

  9. Is Captain Larry set up yet?

  10. Griswald:

  11. Don't be fooled by the name: Global Warming messes with the jet streams and the wintertime weather. I am waiting for the water to warm up before heading over. Still too cold for this girly.
  12. I got email from Larry giving me a hard time for not coming over yet, and then Jeanne sent me one today telling me that Larry may pack up and head home 3/23, about a week early. I'm heading over 3/20, look me up if you're over there. Dark blue Xterra with a lot of stickers on it, as usual...
  13. It's been in the teens every night for the last three or four nights. Bright sunny days though.


  14. Allison, don't feel bad, I usually wait untill the mild temps of April before I drive over the pass for float tube fishing, but it is really hard to pass the Yakima on the way to the lakes.
  15. Got stuck @ home today recovering from a brutal work week, but will be heading over in the AM to fish and eat fish. See y'alls over there.
  16. My weekend report.

    Rocky Ford - Looking hammered, very little weeds and banks muddy from winter's fish. Still, good number of people there and fish if willing to work for them. Lot's of small stockers.

    Dry Falls - To my surprise Park and Blue still had big patches of ice. Ran up to the observation rest point and Dry Falls still had solid ice in the northeast corner bay. April opener might be slow.

    Lenore - Lake is ice free. Didn't fish it but saw a few angler's giving it a go. The fish trap only had 2 fish I could see. I'd wait another week or two to fish it. Anyone who fished it got a report?

    Beta - Ice Free and full of fishermen.

    Lenice - Ditto, cold temps and lots of friends to fish with.
  17. Damn, Steeli toured the lot of them. Even put them into a timeline of when to hit it! That is service with a smile.
  18. Any update on the condition of Dusty Lake as of last weekend? Thinking about heading over next weekend.
  19. Saturday, Lenore was hot, Everybody caught fish. Sunday A.M. okay, slowed down midmorning.
  20. My sources tell me that Lenice was absolutely on fire yesterday.

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