Bass are stupid....

Discussion in 'Warm Water Species' started by alpinetrout, Aug 18, 2003.

  1. So today I finally put two and two together and realized that maybe since the water is so warm latey, it might make sense to target warmwater species. So I head down to a nasty urban lake about 5 minutes from my home, launch my float tube, and start working some flies around the lily pads. As I'm retrieving each cast, I see numerous wakes forming just past my rod tip where the line is slapping on the water with each strip. Next thing I know, I have little bass full-on attacking my fly line! That's right, my %#*&ing LINE!! What the hell do they think it is? Some sort of sixty foot anorexic snake??

    So much for that, I'm going back to salmonids for awhile...
  2. Yes, bass are stupid, but, especially in the South, they have more intelligence than those who fish for them. Check out any T.V. bass show to verify this statement.
    Bob, the One Who Loves Bass But Not Bassers.
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  3. I've had smolt doing the same thing to me all last week on the snoqualmie...
  4. That's 'priceless' :rofl :rofl :rofl :rofl

    Here's a far fetched possibility to ponder. Maybe the fly line actually disrupted some surface bugs or subsurface bugs and the bass were feeding on them near your line???. Or here is another idea. If a aerial bug lands in the water it constantly searches for a structure to climb on and dry out or keep from drowning. Maybe ants or flies or bees or some form of bugs were resting on or near your line??? :dunno :dunno :dunno

    Whatever the case, that is hilarious. I watched Sparse this weekend try and use his strike indicator to catch cutties but he didn't have any luck.

    ~Patrick ><>
  5. Nope, no bugs to speak of. My theory is that the fish are underfed and overly aggressive. The average size of the fish I saw would support this; they ranged from 3" to 6" and were plentiful in number.
  6. I'm thinking small snake, my guess. Any disturbance on the surface will often bring a response from an aggressive/hungry fish. Try tieing a hook in the middle of your line. Just a thought.
    Bob, the Student of Jim When Things Get Really Down and Dirty
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  7. I've seen the same behavior with bass, crappie, and blue gill. They see the "v" coming off where your line enters the water (for sinking) or where your leader enters (floating). If you switch to a fly that skates, you can draw strike after strike.

    I've fished flowing lake near Snohomish lately and the bass there are very active.

  8. Hmm.... Stupid hunh? I'm assuming by "small" you mean 2 to 3 inch bass right? Here's a questions for you. If they are so stupid, how come you didn't write "After my 6th five pounder in 15 minutes, I decided to stop fishing and look for a bigger challenge". :p From your message I have to assume you caught no "keepers"}(
  9. Writing is all about drama. The subject caught your attention didn't it?? Mission accomplished.
  10. Yep - BIG bass are definately not stupid.

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