Bass Bug Swap 10 Spots

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Dano67, May 2, 2010.

  1. dood that is a nice looking diver, looks like a nicely packed head. good stacking work, what color is the bottom?
  2. Pretty sick fly dude. Makes my rookie poppers look like a walmart special!
  3. Ok I'm Changing my fly to a Banarama in a yellow and rust color. We lost one person so we will make the cutoff on Friday and go with what we have. Lets get started tying, Im ready to get me some Bass!!! thesankers, Great looking bug you have there!!!
  4. Okay it's closed. Delivery date to me is the 28th of May. Please send the bugs labeled with your name and the nameof the fly. Also drop in something for postage to get it back to you. I have attached a picture to get eeryone motivated for the BASS! This was caught with a broken rod tip and a small brown and black clouser. I will PM all that are involved my address to ship to.

    Thanks, Dan
  5. Sounds like fun. I will joing in if you will have me, and there is space.... Two weeks seems a little quick but I can get them done. I will be tying a bunny leach of some sort, this is my go to fly for bass.
  6. Sorry. I didnt see the second page and didnt realized it was closed....maybe next time fellas.
  7. Im done! Post a picture if you can and send them when your done.

  8. I am a little me out here.
    7 tyers now, so mail in 6 flies???
  9. Everyone should send me six flies plus postage to send back flies or a self addressed package.

  10. Okay, I'm done tied up some divers. Not as nice as the ones on the top, but they work.
  11. Send them. Did you get the PM with the address to send to?
  12. My flies were sent today.
  13. mine went out tonight. Thanks for putting this together!!!!!
  14. I will post pictures as soon as I get them. Does anyone want to do a new fly swap? Any style is fine by me. I will happily host it.

    Thanks, Dan
  15. thesankers,

    Some of the finest Bass flies I have seen!!! How did you pack those heads that tight? Two down (including myself) and 5 to go!!
  16. Shipped out today. Should be there Monday. Can't say they look all that great, but a friend [that is a much better F-fisher than I] took one to his pond in B'ham and landed two on it. He said he used a red sharpie to color up the face. I left them bare so each can color their own to whatever. Looking forward to the new flies!
  17. Mike,

    The flies look great. If any of you have not finished your flies, please get crackin!!!! This long weekend is made for Largemouth.. I fished a lake yesterday and the Largies were turned on and ready to go. I will ship as soon as I get the other three sets.

  18. Hedburner,

    Nice Frogs! 2 left and I will ship them out.
  19. Snaglovin and Kevin Lune,
    Deadline is tomorrow to get the flies to me and I have not heard from either of you. Can you please respond if your going to be late or what's happening?
  20. I have not heard from either Snaglovin and Kevin Lune. If I don't hear from them by Friday, I will ship out the flies that I have. If anyone knows these two people, could you try and contact them to see whats up?


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