Bass Bug Swap 10 Spots

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Dano67, May 2, 2010.

  1. I heard from Kevin Lune and he is not going to be able to send flies due to a business trip. I still have not heard from snaglovin so I am figuring a lost cause. I will send out the flies on Tuesday 6/8.

    Thanks, Dan
  2. Dan,

    That's too bad on the short number. Nonetheless, looking forward to the flies we are getting. If you or anyone else want the extra ghost poppers please feel free to them. I originally tied 10 and 5 extras for my box so I have a few extras. Thanks again for doing this swap.

  3. Hey,

    So I packed the flies up and I'm taking them to the post office now. If there were extra flies I moved them around between everyone. I think I returned 1 each of your own flies. I think I shorted someone one fly so if so, email me I found an extra (I Think)

    Thank you everyone,

  4. Came home to a package of some finely tied Bass Bugs! Thanks everyone for allowing me to trade up. I'll have to work on my tying [or lack of] skills for next time. Dan, thanks again for being the commish'.
  5. thanks guys! It was a small swap due but a good one.
    Kirk :thumb:
  6. Flies arrived yesterday. They are all great. Nice smooth swap Dan.

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