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  1. Just a few flies I am gonna try this weekend. Looking for bass but hoping to get lucky with my first snakehead. photo.jpg
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  2. I think they look great James. Let us know how they work out for you. That reminds me, I need to get that care package together for you.


  3. Great looking flies! mind if i copy a couple and try them out?? And what is the brown leech like flies tail made out of?
  4. There is a knitting yarn with a lion as a logo, the stuff is great. James there is a technique to hold the tail out and wrap material around the tail for greater bulk. This process also makes the fly hang level in the water column similar to a Senko. I'll get some photos tomorrow.
  5. Here is a picture of two bugs and the yarn.

    I've tied them weedless with mono loops, added a skirt of rubber legs, longer tails, etc.. The cone head works well too using a slow, hand retrieve dragging the bug along the bottom. 4-5 inches long and they do work well. bass bug.jpg
  6. James, your bug will work too, I like the foam leggy monster!
  7. looks good buddy. you still need some bass taper leaders?
  8. Fished a few bass tournaments years back in central Cali. Somewhat of an outcast because of the fly rods on my deck as opposed to the typical gear rods found on most bass boats. My go to fly for both large and smallmouth was chart/white clouser. Lots of fun.

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  9. bass did you say?
    full frog.jpg
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  10. Fin, yes thats it, but I cant remember the name. Had to visit two fabric chains to find it. One had it, the other did not. Not too many colors either, but this works.

    James if you want some, send me a PM
  11. jersey, way cool fly. I'm headed to my favorite bass lake in two weeks and will tie some to try. Let you know how they work.
  12. Alright jersey , got the yarn. Now how about some tying instructions. I assume you wrap the hook with a thread base and then wrap the yarn around that. How do you make the tail? Is the yarn then trimmed with scissors? A little more detail would be appreciated. Thanks.
  13. Jersey, I figured out I had the wrong yarn. Found some like yours. Still would appreciate tips you may have for tying the worm fly. Thanks. Ron
  14. OK, here goes, but no where near the level of detail which some mentors post here..

    Run a thread base down and back to hook point
    Tie in yarn near eye, have a good 10-12 inch piece of yarn
    Open thread turns tie back to bend and return to hook eye,
    No need for close tight thread in this step, as you don't want to compress the material too much, as the rewrapping of yarn will hold to hook.
    extend the yarn out to the desired length
    pinch and hold it in place with left hand at the desired length (you can hit a touch of glue there)
    keep tension on yarn with left hand, right hand start wrapping around the yarn itself
    super tight wraps are not needed, but keep the wraps close
    work your way back to eye and tie off

    It takes a try or two but it isn't tough to master this one! I found this somewhere on the interwebs...all I can recall is the guy used a marabou tail to wrap yarn around rather then the yarn itself. It was an all white pattern. Wrapping tension is by trial and error.. You can also run a bead of glue down the hook prior to tying the yarn on. This isn't needed but you can if you want to.

    Make sure to wet this bug thoroughly before using or it will float. Last warning, this bug does not allow an elegant'll see..
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  15. jersey, thanks. I suppose one with a cone head wouldn't have to be soaked before throwing ;) . I'll try both with and without a cone head and report back. We'll see if these Alabama bass like it. Ron
  16. I believe the video you are referring to is Shannons Streamer. You can find the video at


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  17. Oh man, that is stupid easy. Gotta tie some of those up; thanks for finding/sharing that.
  18. Bingo...

    if you want to get crazy, add a second yarn tail which is a single piece, then burn the tip so it doesnt fray. Ive tied rabbit and 'buo onto the tail for a color trigger too.

    It is easy to tie. The brain-melter is getting the balance right so it falls through the water flat like a senko
  19. Great looking fly, I'll be tying some up for sure.

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