Bass fly fishing Help!!!!!

Discussion in 'Warm Water Species' started by PatrickM, May 2, 2006.

  1. PatrickM New to fly fishing

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    Hello everybody!!!!!

    I am pretty new to fly fishing and i cant seem to catch any bass with a fly rod....

    is there a special technique or method that i should know about catching bass with a fly?

    is there certain fly patterns that work better than others?

    i have gone out about 4 times to the same spot and the bass are jumping but none of them seem interested in my flies. it has reached the point that i feel the fish are jumping to say "hahahahaha you can't catch me!!!!!!"

    i need help!!!!!!

    Patrick M

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    Sometimes all it takes is the right presentation. Try switching up ur retreives from slow to fast to erratic. Bass love wounded prey, and lots of cover. Try even letting the fly set for 30 seconds to a minute then give er some jerks let it sit again. You'll get it.

    Heres some read for ya
  3. PatrickM New to fly fishing

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    cool thanks!!! i will have to try all of that!!!!

    would you say that waiting for 30 secs to 1 min would make it seem like the fly is wounded? or that the fly is just relaxing?

    Patrick M.

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    Wounded mostly. It just depends on the situation i guess. I have used quick 1 sec short reptative jerks to long quirky jerks to rod twitch jerks. Its usually with poppers and frog patterns but also minnows. Its been sometime since Ive stalked Bass i kind of miss it. I moved to Utard 10 yrs ago from central California and now my fascination is Trout, Carp and the elusive Mormon fish.

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  5. Smalma Active Member

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    You didn't say whether the bass were largemouth or smallmouth.

    For largemouth - This time of the year - water temps below 60 degrees you don't see many juvenile bass in the shallows - just the larger 1 to 6 # adult fish. You are not likely to see the "jumping" - the ocassional swirl and that is about it. They are different than trout - they like BIG food items. My flies run from 2 1/2 to 7 inches - fished with slow strips with pauses and twitches. For smallmouth I use smaller bugs - up to 4 inches.

    Once the water warms the smaller bass become active and you can catch those juvenile fish with trout type tactics - dragon, damsels, buggers under the surface and muddlers and the various foam ants, stones etc on the surface. For the sub-surface fish as you would trout and on the surface cast and let sit (10 to 30 seconds) and then twitches and pops to attract attention.

    The largemouth like to be around cover - wood, weed beds, docks etc. The smallmouth tend to be deeper and like to feed along the rocky flats - in lakes that is often 10 to 20 feet deep.

    Tight lines
  6. Josh Benjamin Member

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    I think it may be a little early in the year for topwater bass action, but the biggies are on the beds right now in the shallows spawning or close to it. get subsurface leech type flies for them. topwater i usually wait till the splash rings from the fly disappear before moving the fly, then slow paced quick jerks around cover and structure.
    BIG flies too like smalma said and a 8wy with heavy leader to be able to keep them or pull them out of cover, cuz thats where they'll want to go as soon as they taste the hook.
    good luck and keep at's not easy.
  7. Scott Behn Active Member

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    Josh if you take a look at the last leech swap, you'll see this big black articulated thang that I tie for the bass. I have even experimented with using 3 hooks.
    They work!!!! I cast right up in my target area and let it settle for a few and start a retrieve of some sort, I mix it up. There have also been times when I got a bass as the leech was sinking from the intial cast.
    I also tie up big popper/slider patterns that imitate frogs/wounded minnows. When you cast these let the ripples subside then begin your retrieve.


  8. wrench Member

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    You said "bass are jumping" are you sure they are bass??? Bass that are attacking things on the surface are in a feeding mood and are pretty simple to catch. My bet would be that something else is "jumping"
    As for advice, big poppers, weedless, fish in shallows, do not be afraid to cast way, way back into the weed/reeds/stick etc, that is where they will be.
  9. MNFLY New Member

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    Smalmas' info is right on, it's ALL about water temps. A good rule of thumb for most WA lakes is, when the lilypad flowers begin to bloom the water temps are about perfect for bass(lg. mouth) So look around and fish the areas that have lilys blooming. It's worked for me but does anyone know the science behind it? Also as the season progresses increase the size of the fly. As for smallies, they can be dredged up at just about any temp barring ice over. It just depends on how deep you can get your fly. Look for good structure, rocky bottom, drop-off's, pads, tree branches: in, over, or under the surface. Good luck, Damian
  10. PatrickM New to fly fishing

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    awesome!!!!! this is great info.... but let me ask another couple of questions:

    i am not into tying flies (but i should be :beathead: ) what would be the best pattern that i would be able to find at a fly fishing store or at walmart?

    about the question if the fish were bass if they were jumping and to answer that....when the fish jump out of the water all i can see is green....i dont see any other color on the fish so i assumed it was bass (largemouth) does anybody think it is another kind of fish?

    Patrick M.
  11. wrench Member

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    If they are jumping clear out of the water they are probably NOT bass.
  12. Teeg Stouffer Fish Recycler

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    Trout like to jump a lot. So do carp. I've seen bass jump, but like it's been said, they crash and boil more than they leap out of the water. You never know though.

    As for patterns, bass are eating baitfish mostly. Stuff that looks like baitfish works pretty good. I tie some big weedless wooley buggers, like size 2 to 2/0, and they seem to work. I also have scores of different baitfish patterns in different colors. Color matters.

    Big creature baits can be good.

    When the water's cold, low and slow is key. Sometimes the takes will be very, very subtle, as bass open that big bucket mouth and vaccuum in your bait - it just feels like a 'tic' or wet leaves on the line.

    So for specific patterns:

    Wooley Buggers - big - weighted
    Clouser Minnow
    Lefty's Deciver
    Bunny Leech
    MOAL Leech

    Some days, it's as though you can do no wrong. Those days are not the norm. Most days, you gotta work every bit as hard as you would for a trout.
  13. Anyfish Fishing with the kids

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    Very well stated Teeg.

    As for me, big brown or black buggers and different color clousers.
  14. ceviche Active Member

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    I don't fish for bass as any kind of regular thing, but the one time I did so, it was with a green frog-like popper. The frog fly wasn't very big, but the reaction to it was. The month was July, and, as soon as the fly hit the water, it was surface explosion time. I made a point of casting tight under over-hanging tree branches and sticking to shade, always casting to structure. Fishing was a no-brainer that day.

    BTW, I never saw any swirls or indication that bass were there prior to my casts. They just came up and hammered my fly within 2 seconds of splashdown. If I had to strip the fly, the strike usually came pretty quickly after starting.

    Also, I have to agree with Anyfish. Brown buggers also worked for me that day. I think the color is the same as the salamanders that prey upon bass eggs--at least the same color as the ones at the lake I was fishing. I read something about this some time ago. Bass will strike defensively at these salamanders--especially the big mommas.
  15. Kevin J. Burnham Active Member

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    Big geen or yellow foam chuggers. Also use white don't forget white !!!