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Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Nick Riggs, Mar 12, 2006.


    2.hedburner---------------Flies are in
    3.Cameron Derbyshire------Flies are in
    5.AnyFish----------------- Flies are in
    6.Randy Knapp------------ Flies are in
  2. I wannnaaaaa, I like bass. I'll spin some bugs.
  3. I'm in. Is this going to be a spun bug/poppers only bass swap or will we include nymphs, streamers, crawdads, etc.?
  4. sounds like a good time to me. put me on the list
  5. If there is room count me in.
  6. If you want another, I would be in.

  7. if you all have room for one more i would like to join in on this one. i have a couple patterns that have proven very successful on both river smallmouth and lake crappie. thanx gridkid:thumb:
  8. Hey Gridkid you need a new moniker. How about Roadhog!!
    jesse clark
  9. I haven't heard anything from anyone, except hedburner, about your guy's progress, or even if you got my PM about the mailing address, so... I would appreciate it if you could at least post something acknowleging that you are still in the swap, or if you got my PM. Thanks.
  10. Got the PM and am still in for the swap. I'm in school with tests coming up so I'll send them out on April 10th.
  11. I got the PM as well. Still in the swap. My flies should be out by early next week. I have actually had them done since last week. I just have not made it to ship them out.

  12. Mine are done.

  13. Remember that the sooner I get all of your flies, the sooner I can send them out.
  14. I got AnyFish's flies today, they are beautiful. I am really looking forward to seeing all the other flies. Anyfish, great flies, I can't wait to fish them.
  15. Glad to know they arrived. I also can't wait to get the flies.

  16. Mine are done, I'll be mailing them on friday.
  17. I got Randy's flies and I really like them. Keep em' coming guys.
  18. Hey i got yer messaage and will hopefully ill send them out soon, i just got to go tie them up first:rofl: dont worry they will be in by the due date.
  19. My flies are being mailed today. I posted a photo of my submission in my gallery. Please enjoy!
  20. Mailed them today, would've done it friday, but had to find a box to put them in.

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