Bass guys buying all the spey rods?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by GAT, Apr 1, 2013.

  1. First it was teenage girls buying all the grade A grizzly hackle and now the bass spin guys are buying flyfishing spey rods!

    I was watching a bass show yesterday and the guys were using spey rods with their bait casting reels! Evidently, it is the latest thing in the world of bass angling. It has become so popular in the bass States that fly shops are running out of spey rods!

    There is a rod length limit for B.A.S.S. tournaments but there is talk of doing away with that limit so spey rods may be used. It seems they like the spey rods because it makes "flipping" worms much easier and working jigs. They claim that they also gain sensitivity when a bass picks up a jig.

    Incredible. If anyone is thinking about buying a spey rod you'd better do so before the rod companies sell every one they have to bass shops.

    It's always something.
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  2. happy april's first... geeeeeez
  3. Crap... it was that obvious? I should have gone with another idea I was thinking about. This one was Virginia's.
  4. The give away was "I was watching a bass show yesterday..."

  5. Actually, I do watch the bass programs. They have valuable information as to where and when to fish for bass... regardless of gear. I was watching a show yesterday and they were fishing for spotted bass during the winter in Alabama. They were using mutant looking jigs with claws that evidently were supposed to look like crawdads. The bass sure liked the ugly things.

    I can't tell the difference between a spotted bass and a LMB but whatever the devil they were catching were in the 4 - 6 pound range.

    What was odd is the color and length of the rods they were using. The rods are white and much longer than usual... they also have a fighting butt. I guess the program was where I got the idea for the April Fools joke that failed.

    I should have gone with a bogus fishing report :D
  6. dont forget it was a 60 year old rockstar that started the trend. actually he was wearing them bacck in the 70's too. look closely at the toys in the attic album sleeve. then find your turntable because it was a truly great album. if you dont know what a turntable is, then your probaby too young and wont appreciate what a true work of art it was. the guy probably still gets more ass than justin timberlake, even with feathers in his hair. and thats no aprilfools joke!
  7. I dunno. A couple of Fat Tuesday's ago, I fastened a Oakland Raiders cheerleader doll to a camo boonie hat and added some purple marabou and went down to the tav. Ultimate Fail!:confused:
    Of course, I'm no rockstar.
  8. Do I know what a turntable is????? Hell, the first music I listened to was from mono 33s and then 45s... We had a dial phone and a party line when I was a kid. The TV had 3 stations and they were all black and white. There was no such thing as seat belts in the cars and they all had a metal dashboard. No one wore a helmet to ride a bicycle. You had to win the competition to get a trophy... you did not get one just for showing up.

    When Gin and I first moved to The Valley, she worked at a TV/Stereo store so we got a break on the price of the audio equipment. I think I still have the Teac turntable somewhere in the attack with all the LPs.... one of which might include the photo of which you make mention but at least the guy didn't buy up all the damned dry fly hackles in the country.

    So yeah.... I know what a turntable is.
  9. Even if you don't know what an attic is...;) Go ahead, blame it on your spell-checker.
  10. Yeah, the damned spell checker got it wrong again. First the joke fails and now the spell checker is stabbing me in the back. :D
  11. i like the sound of a turntable on the attack. might spare the cd players, but would slaughter all the ipods. time to go through your attack and bring those records out of retirement. a used toys in the attack album sold on ebay last month for about 600 bucks.
  12. Check those albums in the attack. A signed Sgt Peppers just went for 290,500.
  13. I'll sign any album for $50. Let me know.

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