Bass Lakes Near Winthrop??

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by FLYRODR, Aug 27, 2010.

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    Heading over tomorrow morning for a long overdue break from teaching drivers' ed. Was wondering if anyone can recommend a lake in that area that might have a healthy population of bass and hasn't been recently rehabilitated. If the weather is cooperative, will likely swim during the day and fish into the night.

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    patterson may have some bass I know it has perch in it. Otherwise your s.o.l, unless some moron bucket bio phucked up some trout fisherie around there. The lakes there are to warm for trout right now,
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    Patterson, for sure. I dumped some into Little Twin last night, though. But really, shouldn't this be in the warm water species thread?
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    So it's plugboots that has been costing the wdfw lotsa $$$ rehabing the lakes :rofl: Actually, I hope you're not serious...
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    There is good smallie fishing in the Okanogan river and in some of the little lakes on the Okanogan side.
    Give the Gamies a call in Omak for exact lakes.
    Sorry I don't have the # for ya.