Bass spawning soon!

Discussion in 'Warm Water Species' started by dominic7471, Feb 14, 2007.

  1. Dominic, Alot of what has been said is good. Mr.Soltau as usual is right on the mark. I'll give a little local flavor for you. I live in the Federal Way/Auburn area also. All the lakes around you have some very nice Bass in them. The 3 I fish are Killarney,Geneva and North. These tend to be very shallow and the fish start in many years to begin bedding by the 2nd week of March. This is the prime time if you want to get a large female. The best way is to use gear but if you can catch them in the right water then a fly will get them as well if not better . I'm talking these 3 lakes that on most years the spawning is over by May but because of the shallow water the big ones are never out of the question as far as a fly rod goes. June and July are very good times for top water. I love Bass and think of them as the little local lake gift that keeps on giving year after year. They do fill a great niche here in the little local waters. Best of luck and maybe I'll see ya out there !!! :thumb:
  2. I'm also a big fan of using small poppers for largemouths. In particular, it is just amazing to drop the perfect cast into that hole in the lily pads, just off that bit of old tree limb. You know there is a big bass just lurking there, she's been there before but given you the slip. Your cast just plops right in the small opening tight against cover, you let it twitch once, then sit, then twitch again, Just before you're about to twitch it again, a hole appears under your small popper and you're trying to set the hook, bring in the slack in your line, and keep the fish from wrapping you around that limb. Ah, early summer, gotta love it.

  3. For the ship cannal crowd:

    I do alright in the narrow reach b/w the Fremont bdg and the next basin west. I didn't keep real good track of the bite last year but I know that late spring - mid summer it is pretty hot in the evenings.

    I mostly was using spinning gear however since this is right by my house and is my family fishing time (usually with my 1+ yr old or wife). Also there are lots of trees and joggers. There are a few places where you can fly cast from shore and I have even waded out a little when I was really hell bent on ffing. My biggest last year was around 3lbs. (gold rattle-trap). Good 'ole fun.

  4. I've heard The Sammamish Slough can be alright in the summer? Any one ever fished it? for bass. At marymoor theirs this dock with pilings in front of it and lilly pads on the side and its shallow and looks like it might hold fish in the summer.
  5. Sammamish has a lot of really big bass too but I have never flyfished it only conventional
  6. If you are at Loma again look for a light brown house with white trim with a barn like storage shed in the yard painted the same. I am on the west side. I always have cold beer in the fridge. Jim.
  7. Hey Jim, Those kids are to young to drink beer. But I'm not, so save it for me.:beer2:
  8. Anytime Steve. I'll give you a shout in a few weeks. When it warms up a little and I de-winterize my trailer. I 'll start my routine of putting it up at the casino rv park. Maybe we can hit Pass Lake or Lone Lake which I have never fished. When it gets warmer perhaps you could come down to my place and give the bass a try. Hope all is well with you. Jim.

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